2015 AVN Award She who got a trophy as the best actress. This is a luxury because you can see her deep sex scene. from KINK.COM

Slave Training Carter Cruise, Day One

Today is an introduction of the movie “Slave Training Carter Cruise, Day One” in which actress “Carter Cruise” which is supposed to be in the upper rank probably will appear in beauty, among the Kink.com.

Since this video is a movie in the KINK.com network BDSM channel (Traning ofo), the concept is “training”.
Even in training, however, there is no element of training (training) only in “play that puts stones one after another on the tray” in the first half of the movie.

But even in this video, KINK ‘s video, it may be just right content to simply satisfy you desire accumulated in the stagnation.

One of the reasons is that, as mentioned earlier, this popular American pornist actress “Carter Cruise” is the AVN award given to the most active and remarkable actress of the year in the pornographic video industry held in the USA “Best Actress” has been chosen.

Certainly, this prize is not only evaluated by appearance just looking at it ..
But, as such fine things are good, it is better for women to look beautiful.

So this movie is a beautiful actress to act, so the sex scene that plays a lot is said to be good for the material of masturbation.

Her smile when answering the interview at the beginning is also good. It is very refreshing. The beautiful elegant feeling will probably refer to women like her.

This movie is a wonderful video that “joining part close – up” in the woman on top rank and woman on the back is really worth seeing.

Bondage, restraint and fuck, all these are complete.
Especially fuck is glad because you will see these from the back woman on top posture woman on top posture, normal position, positioning and at exquisite angles. For those who like hard bondage torture, it may be a bit unsatisfactory, but otherwise it would be enough to masturbate with this movie.

This video starts with a scene where Carter holds a tray on both hands and places stones one after another on it.
Even with this scene, it is not just a feeling of such a pain, it can be said that it is only a prelude to this movie.

So, it seems to be persistent, it is not something about expecting elements of hard play on this video, but let’s enjoy her sex.

Pale pubic remains thinly. Electrical grinding applied to a pussy

The scene changes at around 18 minutes 58 seconds

A man licking a pussy from the bottom at the face woman on standing (Owen)

With the system of 69, Carter blowjobs while shaking her head violently (its violence is also known from her raised feelings of temple blood vessels.)

And, as it is, in the structure of the back woman on top posture “to insert by life” She shakes her hips violently (this is the highlight)

Mr. Carter, who rides up and shakes his waist while stimulating clitoris by himself.
hit it with a whip from the side.

Miss Carter loudly at the back woman on top posture but since she is hit from the side, she feels pleasant pain and mixed pain, it’s complicated she’s a pain.

Next, swallowing position and inserting raw at the woman on top posture, this girlfriend likes sex, how to swing back is seemingly erotic.

Perhaps I think that there are many people who likes “junction closeup” from this angle at the woman on horse riding but in this movie this angle is exactly what you expect, “Best Angle”.

Black undercover men (Owen) who are underneath should feel comfortable, but I can not hear breath,

– Switch scenes here –

Insert anal from the back.

Putting it in or putting it (this is also hit sideways)

This is not all of the video, but it is a rough flow. If you are excitedly excited about her face and body, you can see it from here to the corner on KINK.COM network channel.
Please enjoy her wonderful girlfriend scenes.

Slave Training Carter Cruise, Day One
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