Here is a real bondage bondage video that fully understands and responds to the psychology of SM transformation mania.

Shaving hair, human berk, suffocation, candlelight, water blame (human submersion), there are loads of all kinds of devil play there. There is a rich devil content that makes “a true SM transformation freak” come true, an anomalous world that can be said to be a weapon of the weapon.
Category: Super Hard Torture
Play word: Bondage / Restraint / Candle / Whisper / Water Blame / Control / Livestock / Fire / Confinement / Prison / Force / Blow / Deep Throating

No longer treated as human beings, no excuses, female slaves are no better than domesticated animals. Relentless bondage, restraint torture SM play on parade.

Deep creative content is sure to satisfy you. 

2016-12-30-18In 1997, the Internet industry at the time, as the largest bondage pornographic site, the site “In Sex” that engulfs SM enthusiasts all over the world for its extremely violent (sadism) depiction in 2005, the US federal The Bureau of Investigation regulation has closed the curtain. However, the site “In Sex Insex” is completely reborn and is still alive and well here.

Transcendive overwhelming transformation performance beyond the concept of normal SM play. Extreme SM torture play that I have no imagination.

After In Sex closed, Intersec Interactive Inc. continues to develop SM video distribution service business all over the world. At the beginning of InSex’s resurgence, it seems that some users from overseas said that radicalism was toned down compared to the former “In Sex In Sex”. But looking at the current content, the shadow doesn’t feel fine either.
Rather, in light of the radical current video content, it can not be helped to think, “How far in the past was the radical?”

Realtime Bondage is delivering “currently over 445” videos (as of May 2018) As far as I have seen a number of SM video sites around the world, it is clear that each of Intersec Interactive Inc. The content of the site’s play is definitely the first in the top class among SM videos published on the Internet.

Stepping a step further in the SM world and digging into the darker and underground world is this RealTimeBondage

2016-12-30-19This site does not focus on orthodox play such as bondage or restraint. Such a simple play that is often found on other SM sites is the very basic play of SM play, and such simple and conventional content is not satisfactory to current users.
I think you are probably the same. It adds a lot of more radical essence to SM play that is commonly seen in general, and it creates unthinkable, highly original content, but this is “Realtime Bondage Real-time Bondage”.

The numerous video titles, the content of each, are carefully considered and planned by Intersec’s production team, and they are organized and made. It is not just making SM devil animation. In other words, the seemingly evil video content has a clear concept according to it, and each one has an “obvious meaning”.
The leader of Intersec takes all the lead “Brent Scott / PD” as well as bonders such as “Sid Black” and “Matt Williams”. They themselves are the owners of idiosyncrasies, and are also well-known great bondage trainers. That is why they know and understand what they really want.
Your desired “Devil SM Content” is here, and your desire should be satisfied enough.

Brent Scott does everything he wants to let the actress do, and he does everything in visual form. It is a manifestation of the transformational preferences he has, and is a reflection.

Many of the play that can be called abuse. The world where pain and pleasure cross, the dark and unknown world can only be stepped in by those who understand them.

The content played at Realtime Bondage is quite diverse. Put a plastic bag from the head, urinate in it, close it in a manhole full of leftovers, urinate a woman who can not get out from above, drip spit, apply mud on the face, clean it in the mouth, mud in the mouth Forcibly squeeze, flush the water and boil the water.
Drop the oil on the pubic hair, light it with a lighter and burn it vigorously, shave the hair of the woman’s hair with a razor, make it almost a skinhead, and even shave up the eyebrows. It is a complete abusive act when a woman is restrained (fixed) with a metal restraint, scolded on a fire, and a common man who knows nothing of it looks as if it is even a roasted pig. It only looks as if it is harming you. However, this is the concept of this site, and it is a complete site theme.

RealtimeBondage’s aim “The real meaning” “The purpose of digging and pursuing completely the field of SM play completely” their “objective” is wonderfully expressed as SM devil transformation play in this SM site “Real-time Bondage” You

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