network channel best short stature daughter, Remy-Lacroix’s bondage-restraint fucking rolled up animation.

Princess Donna ’s Birthday Bash Part 1 !!!!!
Delivery date: March 3, 2012
Cast: (Remy Lacroix), James Deen (James Dean)


1. A girl-like loli system that still doesn’t fall in love, a small, well-shaped breast, and a short but tall American big hip. Although the face is loli, this imbalance is very good. Remy chicks get excited just looking.


The beginning of the video is the start of a scene in which Kink’s queen “Princess Dona” talks about the bdsm party that will start from now on to a few performers in this video. Perhaps I’m talking about the party and the enthusiasm about this party.
Remy LaCroix is ​​a San Francisco-born porn actress. The style is good, petite and loli-based. The breasts of this Remy LaCroix (Remy Lacroix) are the original natural among the works of, who have breast augmentation surgery and a large number of big breasted porn actresses. It is a loli system with a body, and if I think that this kind of daughter will receive hard bondage and torture play from now on, I’m getting excited a little. There were countless large number of galleries waiting for in the luxurious hall, such as men’s-style men, middle-aged women, and women in their thirties …

2. The birthday gift for Princess Donna is a predatory food in a box.


This video focuses on playing with three masked men and three females. Princess Donna’s birthday present aside a present … It comes out from a large gift box “Redy Lacroix-bd tied up …” Ball Gag at the mouth, behind the rope tied to the “lovely little girl” Remy. .
This present …. No, rather than the main dish of this party (prey). After all good Remy of looks is also very sexy the figure that was tied up. The breasts from the rope are very sexy and they are not big and rather small, but Remy’s tits have a fresh feeling like they have never been tied up To do. The milk of a girl without a dream.
Back shot angle in the state tied with a rope in the back, local and anal are visible, but the shape of the butt is very good … There is not a model that looks excited only with the body quite easily (personally) But this Remy Lacroix is No, I’m excited even if I’m looking at the body alone. Princess Donna, who plays the role of queen, has a slightly thicker makeup today, as it may have its own birthday. This day is her birthday. “Today, please show me a lot of hard SM orgy play!” I have ordered men and women in a tone of just saying.
Three actresses are lined up in a row and SEX is done in a back style, Remy Lacroix is ​​inserted a cock from raw back and is plunged from the back of cancer … … I feel it is only a cute feeling for some reason, it is unusual though I am When the other two actresses do not care … I even feel like that.

3. Dos black meat stick pierced into the finest pink butt of Sir Remy Lacroix. This is unbelievably excited.


The scene has changed, and this is the highlight of this video It is an up screen of the back riding high position of Remy Lacroix, back riding high rank in a line of three men and women, It is not getting tired … The place where black meat stick of the actor goes stuck with Zubozubo in the small butt of good shape is a complete view (The joint part is completely visible) The lustrous buttocks, the black long dick doss, the woman of Lacroix who gets wet well enough, the scene of repeating Nürn ル l’s out and about is about to escape even in this scene. No, don’t get tired yet …. This work has 53 minutes and 41 seconds.
It’s still slightly past the middle of the video, let’s enjoy this video more .. And, I think, this time, I’m doup from the back of Lacroix’s local area, anal and local area is again visible again, I’m getting more and more・ ・ The camera work of this video is very good, and it seems that the photographer who is shooting knows the feeling of the user.
And Lacroix’s four-legged anal, insert the actor in raw, anal fuck scene, it is a dynamic anal scene. The angle from directly above, the scene where the cock is put in and out in the anal are seen well. And you can see the joints well. (I personally, I love not only anal SEX but the angle right above the connecting part)


This video is also coming to the end of the show, the best attraction is from here. Preparation for play in this state of cricket licking (only the arms that can be freed anymore) First, Princess Donna licks the local area of ​​Lacroix and moisturizes the cunt, to which a male actor is inserted raw, Lacroix’s The cock of another actor is in the mouth … Restrained in the chair, almost immobile Remy niece raises a pant voice again with a annoying look. Instead of actors, they are inserted one after another into Remy’s “Nasty Omanko”. Screaming Remy Remy … Raw insertion in this scene is also anal insertion. Lacroix who is restrained is being made a raw fuck and attacked at the same time by Denma. In the picture, I can see that Remy-chan’s eyes gradually become hollow.

The second and third ones and the actor don’t forgive, we will insert more and more ….
This series part 1 is the end here. It was over when I was waiting for the scene to be pulled out. This video is up to part 2. If you look at part 1, you can not but look at part 2, you should surely be the same. Petite and Lori-style girl, Remy Lacroix, is this masterpiece video that gets fucked indecently. If you miss something, you will surely regret it.