“Humiliation SM movie: Dragon” Nyssa who had a cigarette pushed into her nostrils


Distribution site: HARDTIED
Cast: Nyssa Nevers
Recording time: about 25 minutes
Video distribution date: October 13, 2010
Play Words: BDSM, Humiliation, Whipping

[Pornstar named Nyssa nevers] She is not only a nuisance and sexy body but a weapon. You must not misunderstand, her breasts are not breast augmented. And the buttocks and legs are very beautiful. If you want to watch SM videos of Asian porn actresses, here are the videos you should watch naturally.



I wanted to lick Nissa’s body, but she was on the other side of the monitor.

When I calmed down and thought, it was a matter of course.
As this video begins, when she’s tied up with a thin rope, twisting her body and writhing .. The pink blouse she’s coming from has her breasts bare and her breasts bare became. In addition, the scene at the beginning of this video is a scene where Brent is taking off her pants, and she is tied to the back of her, “The breasts are bare, and the lower body is only hot pants with denim fabric” As I always said, this Miss Nissa .. Her body looks so delicious, so I imagined in my head the sight of licking her body.

But that is, of course, a delusion only in one’s own head, and in a sense is just an illusion. She is then lightly poked with the long stick that always appears in play, and her breasts are tightly squeezed. She wasn’t naked, but twisted her body, wearing half-clothes, and looked very annoying and erotic.

SM dojo of a woman who is content with absolute obedience and humiliation. She is just a slave doll.
Pink blouse, hot denim pants and high heel shoes.
Disturbed long black hair. Her costume always keeps points.

The shoes she wears at this time may be a bit different if you say gal shoes, but they are about that kind of shoes. Slightly dirty shoes with a little noticeable dirt. (She usually wears shoes ..) な い It may not matter so much, but the mole on her left eye corner is a very sexy mole.
Brent first lifts her body and pokes a black dildo in her mouth, she cannot do anything because her arms are tied behind her. A little saliva flows out of your mouth. Brent is frequently telling her something while rubbing her boobs.
She stares at Brent while holding her dildo in her mouth, but at this time her eyes appear to be complaining about something. But it’s not a bit of a reluctance to Brent, but a very loving one. What was she thinking at this time?

Mr. Brent removes her blouse, first exposed to the right milk, then to the left. Rather than being exposed all at once, this way, one side at a time, “The place where the milk is exposed is more excitement.” (It is fine, but such a fine production is unexpectedly important when you enjoy such erotic SM videos I think you haven’t seen this video yet, but do you like this Nessa’s breasts? Her breasts are just the right size and shape (personal preference), but the areolas are just a little but may be large.
Her breasts are sure to be “breasts” with sucking .. Surely.

And she wore patterned pants like a young girl did.

I don’t know if this is the aim or the pants she usually wears on a daily basis. It is very thankful that you are wearing fancy pants like these gals do.

Breasts tightened with a rope and thighs that you want to rub by hand.

Brent continues to tie her already tied arms and legs with a thin rope.
She holds her head and gently strokes her cheeks, but suddenly slaps her face. Miss Nessa whose mouth is covered with transparent packing tape. Next is the “Nipples tightening BDSM” scene that you like. Her beautiful boobs were tied up with a rope and became ugly.

During this time there was a play of blame, and Brent now ties her “toe and neck with a rope.” I like this scene (shot). Because her beautiful thighs (lower body) are spread all over the screen.

The scene switches here after 15 minutes of the video.
Start from the scene where she is restrained by a pillar.

The video is already near the middle, but playing with Nissa here standing on a pillar is very short. Shortly after this, she is sitting on the floor with her legs open.

By the way, “humiliation torture nostrils tobacco blame play” finally begins from here.

With wrinkles between her eyebrows and a rugged look, Brent approaches her and whispers something in her ear. She has a slightly frightened look, predicting what will happen in the future. Brent wears a mouth winder in her mouth and snaps tightly behind the pillar.

After rubbing her pussy several times, Brent came with two lit cigarettes. I can expect it to come here. Nessa is an “ashtray girl”, so she’ll be turned into a human ashtray anyway .. That’s always the case. Apparently, among the actress Nissa, Intersec, the stereotype of ashtray woman seems to have taken root.
Brent brings the cigarette in her mouth closer to her nipple. It is up to the last minute.
Nissa distorts her face with the heat of cigarette fire. Brent lightly dropped the cigarette ash on her body. “Push two cigarettes into both her nostrils.”

As the smoke spills into her face, she smokes, shedding eyes and red eyes. A large amount of saliva drips from the mouth. Brent traces the saliva flowing from her mouth with her finger and rubs her pussy (around the chestnut) with her finger.
She was humiliated by having two cigarettes inserted into her nostrils, and she started struggling with tears. In this scene, her shaved pussy is displayed on the screen for a moment.

After this, as usual, crotch torture using a long stick, clitoris torture of a small vibe, and play such as whipping continue. This video lasts about 25 minutes. One of my favorite Hardtied works. She (Nissa) who is used as an ashtray too much .. I do not know if she is a smoker, but please enjoy this maniac SM video including cigarette blame play.

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