Marco Polo-Asian Whore Gets Brutalized
Delivery site: KINK.COM channel (Sadistic rope)
Cast: Mia Li (Mia Lee)
Delivery date: June 18, 2014
Duration: 56 minutes 34 seconds

Sexy black hair. Glamorous waist neck and tight ankle. A plump, full-bodied breast.

Black-haired Asian Porn Actress Mia Lee

You may be “deb-only”. “Mia Lee” who appears in this video is a fat woman. But if you like a relatively fat woman, even if you don’t go to fat, her system may not be too fat, but rather just good meat, to you.
By the way, I am not a “only fat girl” and I do not dislike heavy women, but I am not particularly fond of it, so when I look at this scheme of her, I feel like being overweight.
But for you this Mia Lee. If her system is acceptable, this video, including her, will not look attractive.
She is an Asian woman and her hair is dark. Even in this movie, I’m also making makeup so beautifully maintained beautiful black hair and her surprises, and my eye-popping eyes are not so when looking at a distance, but when looking at it according to the proximity I have a pretty cute face. I’m so chubby and this cute Face, so I’m not fat, I’m working on delusions that I might become more cute if I lose weight.

I think that her face is so good, the body is quite a dynamite body, as you can see in the picture, and it’s about doing catfights with KINK.COM’s Ultimate Surrender, so she’s trained regularly It will be.
So, although she’s a bit fat, it’s not fat and solid, it’s solid, it’s a little more muscular than that.
I think that many people prefer this type of woman. … of such a style

Although she is fat, she has a place to go out and a place to tighten is a type that is tight. Let’s say it as a well-balanced system. The waist is narrow and the ankles are narrow. So, you can watch this video and be fully excited … of course including SM play. This video is a video of less than one hour, but when you look at the contents, various play is condensed in detail.
“Nipple, neck pressure, face around (grow around the mouth), choking, sagging, pubic hair pulling, hanging, vibes into the mouth, large character restraint, nipple strap”, etc. … you like her If so, you can enjoy the scene and play that Mia Lee screams out and screams by pulling and shaking that big big tits.

I want to eat sexy lips even though it is bloated and annoying. Before the SM play, attack my face. ?

She is lifted from above and crying with tears as her crotch is poke with a stick. Nasal fluid is also lavish. Although it is SM play, though it is crying, its nuance is subtle, but it is certainly a tear. Even when being hit with a whistle, yes, it is a whistle and a dull whistle to beat her several times in a row. She shakes her beautiful dark hair and hurts. . . . But her pain is so good, but the long black hair that shakes violently at the same time as the sound of a rose is more beautiful.
When she plucked her mouth with her hand, would I be the only one who wanted to chew on the sexy lip with its red lipstick?

She is even pulled on her “negative hair”. Of course she hurts. I don’t know if you’re doing something like this, partner usually, but if you still have your partner’s pubic hair, why not try it during sex now? Pulling hair for cunt ….
Unexpectedly your girlfriend or your wife may feel pleasure.

She wraps a rope around her body, one of which bites into her crotch. A single rope that has eaten in the crotch is connected with a very large weight. As you can imagine from the size of this weight, there should be a lot of weight. If it’s a little down, the rope that has eaten in her crotch will exert power, and her crotch will scream at a stretch …

And on her head, a box with lights in the four corners is placed. A square box completely covered up to her neck. Her face is dimly lit by the light inside the box, creating a mysterious silhouette. Her silhouette in the SM playroom has transformed the SM room into a very fantastic space. The unknown world of SM play makes its atmosphere even more by using various items (tools).
She is filled with fresh meat throughout her body. Of course the nipples are … but the snake has been wound around the best nipple.
“SM teat rope blame”

Then “hanging” she was completely tied up and hung up. You may like this kind of flesh-filled “figure of a hanging woman”. But play does not stop at this. A vibrator is inserted in her mouth. It is not a raw cock but “vibe”.
After this, she is put on the bed, and the hands and feet are tied and restrained at the four corners. And “Nipple pull play” starts. A thin string will wrap around her nipples inexorably. It looks as if a little snake finds prey and winds up saying, “Sari.” The snake wrapped around her nipples starts to pull her nipples little by little and gives her aching.
However, the snake cord wound around this nipple was actually linked to her ankle and wound. So she is unknowingly blaming herself with her own nipples. A reward is waiting for her who has pain in such a teat. That is “armpit attack attack”. She is here again.

She looks like a very good woman. It is obvious when you look at the image that the character is good. Generally speaking, chubby fat women feel that there are more women with good character than thin women. So isn’t this kind of play even more rewarding? This kind of “poccari-like” body like this has a feeling of being tied, hanging and hanging, and also has a feeling of tension. “Meat that eats into the rope and body” It may be the best set of bondage.

You can watch this video and enjoy the sight of the rope getting in her body. She has a sense of cleanliness and is a typical sexy fat woman.

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