The Massage Parlor: Marica Hase
Delivery site: KINK.COM Network
Channel: SexandSubmission
Cast: Haruka Hase
Recording time: 1 hour 14 minutes 12 seconds
Video delivery date: March 8, 2013

To heal a man’s tired body and lower body, Mari Hase may be a perfect woman.

You probably also have been to a massage shop. There can not be no ordinary man.
Of course, it’s not about an osteopathic clinic or a massage shop. It is a massage of sex. In a word, in addition to the treatment content that relieves tiredness and stiffness, and massages the neck, shoulders, and legs, it is a massage shop that ends with hand jobs and blowjob. The setting of this video is also set to the events in such a sex massage shop, but this massage shop includes “blowjob + production” in the lewd service.
Considering the sex shop in Japan, in this type of massage shop, the finish may not be based on hand job ..? No, this may not be the only one I am familiar with.
The massage is basically, the face is a massage shop, and it is actually a massage service shop until it is … It is a shop that comes up with an option until the blowjob, so it feels like the contents, but the author is not so crazy about sex, The area is not very detailed.
Most of the stores that have services up to “Blowjobs and Production”, though they are mostly massage shops, although they seem to be so-called “illegal sex stores” of Korean or Taiwanese affiliations, but the difference is the difference Is it?
Well, that doesn’t matter.

Marika was arrested, but the actions taken in the detention center thereafter were just SM play.

By the way, this video is also a story of the tragedy of a woman (Marica Hase) who works as a sex club in such a massage shop.

Yes .. It is a tragedy. Even in the US, this form of shop seems to be illegal, in the content of this video … Marica is in charge of Ramon Ramon who came to this shop as a customer, shoulders and back, as usual, I massage my ankles and so on, but finally I finish off with my usual blowjob and production. Once all services have been completed, Marika will leave the room and prepare for accounting. After doing all the work, Ramon, whose lower body was clean, is preparing to plunge the clothes he brought with him behind the waist.

A returned room, Marica, immediately requests money from Ramon, but this moment … Ramon’s attitude changes completely. Yes … in fact Ramon was a policeman. Marica senses this situation immediately and gives up his face, but it is already late.
Ramon handcuffs and arrests the disliked truth incense with arms.

In this video, that is, Ramon was a police officer who infiltrated this massage shop in the “incident investigation”. There are other videos with similar settings in Sex and Submission videos. And the arrested truth incense is detained in the private room of the detention center, and the contents said that it encounters a disastrous eye.

The content of the arrested and taken away, Marica who is taken away, is detained for some reason in a private room, and being committed there again, but something like “funny”, but you think that this is “funny” should not.
Because this video is packed with “Sex scene of Marica Hase ” in Meny, so I can not see such fresh erotic video of Hase Marica in book today, so this video is so valuable and valuable video It is.

A private room lined with Asian-style lighting and furniture, perhaps with the aroma scent as well …
Marika has black bodycon-like costumes, high heeled red shoes, and gorgeous earrings with gold on the ears. Marika has an oriental atmosphere and looks like a “very good woman”. After a massage of Ramon’s back and calves, Marica inhales the bath towel which was put on the crotch of Ramon and begins to give a cock a fellatio. Blowjob Ramon’s Big Cock It may be an extra thing, but Ramon’s cockpit is big, “probable forestalk”, Americans are almost like pseudoforks, and pseudoforks seem to be common, but this ramon is also pseudoforks, completely skin I’m wearing it.

Marica inhales and peels the skin covered by that ramon. And it is production and raw insertion at cowgirl position.
Next, let’s put the hand of Marika onto the end of the bed and insert it in the back style. Even in the scene up to here, there is an upscene of the convenient part.

However, as mentioned above, after having finished the work, MARICA is forced to be arrested and forced to …

The scene changes, and the Marica is suspended (upside down) in the private room.

This video is bound by a rope, “There is a pussy fuck and anal fuck”, and there are also anal plug insertion, electric massage, a teat clip and a lot of contents. If it is a truth incense fan, it should be an animation which can be satisfied enough.
I’ve seen her (Marica Hase) videos scattered, so I can’t get too excited, but if you haven’t seen too many uncensored videos of Ms. Hasetani, you should definitely watch it.
It’s a big screen up of “Omanko” and “A Hole in Ass” of Marika. Not only that, the delivery date of this video is delivery in 2013, but at this time, KINK.COM has already upgraded the video quality to high image quality. So this video, the image quality is perfect, please look at every corner of “Omanko” of the Marica.

The Massage Parlor: Marica Hase


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