Following “Now” by Marica Hase.
There are a lot of AV actresses that are doing great in Japan, but if it becomes an AV actress who has been successful overseas beyond the sea it is very fond of it.

Rather than .. such Japanese actresses such as Japanese are nearly none near.

The adult industry is common all over the world and there are differences according to the regulation of law, but there is nothing but a porn industry in any country.

Speaking of hardcore pornography and the world’s largest porn market, it’s completely American. In case

Japan’s porn industry is also the world’s best in a sense, but it does not mean that the size of the market is the world’s best, but rather “the depth of content, the degree of ingenuity ingenuity, variety of variations” etc. ” Regarding “About the world” I think that adult movies in Japan are the best in the world in all sorts of ways.

However, the market size is still the largest in America, the center of the world.

Of course, there are a lot of super famous porn actresses of Ikeike in such a huge porn market of America. A flashy face, and a perfect style like a cyborg, dynamic chest, buttocks, necking, long legs. A Japanese AV actress with a fundamentally small height and short legs is not a very competitive opponent.

However, there was a Japanese AV actress who beat down the world’s strongest porn market. That is Marica Hase

“Marica Hase” which flew far to the United States (Los Angeles) beyond the sea … a real dream that she is turning into a “meat urinal” in the land of a foreign country.

“Marica Hase” …. but her current actress name is “Marica Hase” She has given up on showing her nakedness and sex scenes to Japanese adult users. However, Western adult movie users are full of delicious erotic scenes of “Marica Hase” as getting tired of it.

She is now embraced by many white actors and black actors. I can not tell how many penises I caught for her pussy until today. Even when he was active in Japan, I think he was harbinging many Japanese actor’s penis, but the number of penis that had been pushed into her pussy at the moment is more for foreign actors It will be.

I’ve been watching many uncensored porn videos of her until now. It has normal porn movies and SM movies as well. She has appeared in various genres of porn videos in the American porn industry. Although it is not very popular when it was active in Japan, it is Marica Hase, but now she is very popular in the overseas porn market including the United States.

She (Marica Hase) made a declaration to the United States of America in March 2012.
The reason was simply to expand the activity base not only in Japan but also overseas to try to expand horizontally, but again it is not so easy to balance activities in Japan and abroad, now as her porn actress It seems that the overseas activities are the main activity.
Marica Hase who seems to have a weak head, but in fact she is not stupid to that extent. When I made a declaration to the United States, I think that my mental goals and dreams existed in her mind when she worked overseas, mainly in the United States. From her own mouth, I have not been revealed in a clear mind to that, but I think she was secretly ambitioned by her.

What was the real dream she had?
Such a girlfriend will realize one dream, decorate the Japanese first centerfold at the British men’s monthly magazine “Penthouse” and get the title of “Penthouse pet”.

She (Marica) is not defeated by blond hair or blond hair porn actress.

She was posted in an outbound magazine of overseas superbody pornstars, and the posted page is “centerfold spread page” which gets more attention from readers. I think that you will not come with a pin as soon as you heard of this, but this is truly awesome.

It is still unclear what the real dream she went to the United States of concrete is, but this “Penthouse pet award” is such a deeply thoughtful existence before she goes to the United States There was no doubt that it was “one” in the dream her was doing.

“Penthouse Pet Award” decorating a glamorous spread page with Britain’s famous adult magazine “Penthouse” It is awesome thing to win this prize and it is a certain sense.

Every porn actress who got penned at the pen household pet prize of this successive penthouse magazine is a beautiful figure like a model. The women ‘s nationality also varies from “the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy”. She is almost inextricable even if you line up with these super beautiful porn actresses (Mariko) .. It is good to say that she stepped up the stairs of success for her who went to America as a truly porn actress.

This penthouse pet has been awarded by many porn actresses in the United States and Europe since its inception, but as a Japanese, this “Marica Hase” is the first.
About her winning this penthouse pet, she says her dream was a wishful come true.

Marica Hase
Born October 29, 1984 (now 32 years old) from Tokyo
Height (158 cm): Bust cup (F): Three size (85 – 56 – 88)

“Marica Hase” debuted in 2007 “Extreme Wear Erotic”
In 2008 released a DVD that collaborated with “Demon Roku”. In January 2013, I got the title of “Penthouse · Pet” to decorate “Center Fold / Facing Pages” of the same magazine at the adult magazine “PENTHOUSE / Penthouse” which was launched in the UK.

One of the leading Asian porn actresses in the overseas hardcore porn industry “Marica Hase”

Marica Hase taking the limelight where you do not know.
I have completely stopped listening to that name in Japan, but she did not stop working. She just moved her base from Japan to overseas. . . Yes, she is rather active overseas now.
Although it may be a little exaggerated to say that it is a big success … It is not so uncommon for American and European pornographic media to see her face as an Asian actress as western porn actresses line up with Zurari. Speaking of porn actress in Asia (also Japan) overseas, she is not necessarily the best, but even if it says that the name “Marica Hase” comes up frequently, it is never too much anymore.
She is definitely spreading its name in overseas hardcore porn industry. In other words, in overseas porn industry, the name “Marica Hase” is quite penetrating.

She seems to be a little bit weak and she seems to have quite a bit of English skill, even if she has come to the United States for a long time since she went to America. (We can not do English at all, we from a Japanese person)

I think that you are interested in “Marica Hase” that you visited this page. Even if that is not the case, you ought to like erotic videos, or you should like SM movies. First of all, there is no loss as to why she is acting in a foreign land and what kind of movie it is appearing, first of all if you try to appreciate it here for the time being. Rather, if you are interested in her at least, I definitely would like you to look at her “obsessively sensual and exotic” content.

In the Japanese AV market, a movie of “Marica Hase” that only the obsolete title exists. However, in the United States many new works are circulating.

“Marica Hase” who was reigning as a popular AV actress in Japan at one time. As you already know, she is not in home country today. It is quite difficult to search her content that is active in the overseas porn industry in search of Japanese. Does not that you think so too? There are some titles that she will appear in the AV market in the Japanese-speaking area, but none of them has a thin freshness, it’s already in the past.

I am aware that you are a fan of “Marica Hase”. Her troublesome body, “pheromone” coming from inside the body … you will be thinking of satisfying your desire while watching the sex scene of her (Marica) and the body line you want to lick. “I understand, that is the same for me.”
She has a strange charm … She is never a superstitious beauty, but there is a mysterious magical power that makes a man captivate. So you are already stuck with “magical power” that she enchanted. Of course it is fine.

“Until now, countless numbers of guys have been plucking the penis to her pussy so far …” Her pussy fucked “… You should think that her pussy is the best. … She must be a horny woman …
I have been pursuing hers for over several years. She is like a woman who was born to be held by many or more men.

“Body” of “Marica Hase” and its fascinating mysterious charm.

Oriental face of Marica Hase

Looking at her face, the first thing that is noticeable is her eyes.
Her eyes are exotic somewhere. I do not know why,
I feel something somewhat different from Japanese somewhere in her eyes.
Rather than a Japanese sexy lady’s “eye”
Should I say “Orient” sexy women’s “eyes” …
I feel like that.
That oriental atmosphere is what she
I think that it is one of the reasons for success in overseas.
Her love cat “heaven” …
I wonder if she has become a cat she keeps ..
Her eyes are like kitten.

A woman who transforms freely and freely. Marica Hase
Marica Hase is freaky. She can turn into any woman.
It is sometimes a girls’ school student,
It was a bunny girl, a lady police officer,
Or Santa …
Especially “cosplay subject”, anything
It looks good on her face.
Marika can fully become that character.
You are such a mysterious transformation of such truth incense
It will surely be fascinated

Do not give up if you can not see the movie of Marica Hase ..
No such thing.

She has a loving cat. It is always by her side. When you are at home and relaxing, as well as pornography, on the train you are on the move, in the airplane .. If you are interested only in the body of Marica Hase you are interested in ‘cat’ etc It may not be, but maybe it is good to take a look at the state of your kittens you are pretty, Marica Hase, your fans.


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