marica hase

To a strange makeup, a super mini skirt that looks like pants.
Enjoy the beautiful legs with walking on the cosplay public road of Nagaya Mari Kaori.After that you enjoy with raw insertion junction up.

Favorite in Japan- Marica Hase comes to USA to get FUCKED in PUBLIC for the FIRST TIME!!!!

Distribution site: KINK.COM network BDSM channel (Publicdisgrace)
Video delivery date: 8th March 2013

Can still enjoy her body which was still young at that time by Marica Hase.Pussy up is big screen, raw insert fuck is three times · · ·

This video is one of super recommended movies even when it appeared “Marica Hase”.

Because it is an image of when Mariko was younger than now, when I look at the interview scene at the beginning, that face has a healthy feeling.
There is not much impression of sexy yet mature.

Somewhat like “a pretty girl” feeling.

Princess Donna and Marika walk on the public road of San Francisco by themselves, but they hide aside like a big garbage can and start changing clothes.

Among the big black bags that the Princess has, on this day, there was a costume for Marica Hase to change into this and sweep the public road. (Flashy cosplay costumes like girls wear)

Pink and purple, skirt’s hem is a cute costume of “Furifuri”.
That is super miniskirt too. Because the raw legs of Marica can be seen with such a super mini skirt … much less chest and also the chest of the truth incense are also exposed considerably, so even with this figure just your crotch voltage will rise.

Ideas are good for this video.
When Her changed clothes in the shadow of the garbage box, Princess put a rotor in Marika’s pants (that is, the crotch of Marika), which can be operated remotely by remote control.

When the princess has its remote control and Marika is walking on the public road, can switch on the remote control as you like and stimulate the crotch of Mariko.

Bring Marica into the bar and get locked in!

Put a “remote control type rotor” in Marica ‘s pants and walk San Francisco’ s public road with flashy cosplay … Switching on the rotor remotely while a passerby is watching.

I think that such a play often has similar situations in Japanese adult videos. It operates on the same principle as “jumping child” of adult goods which was popular a while ago.

Maria ‘s skirts protruding from the “half buttocks” heel are wearing high boots and high shoes, the beautiful Marica’ s legs look longer and look superfluous. And the chest.

Although the fuck after moving to the bar is only SEX with this one-armed tattoo skin man, there are two “anal fuck · sexual fuck” for the time (both are no condom)

Compared to Publicdisgrace and other videos, this movie feels a little unsatisfactory since the SEX scene after moving to the bar is somewhat unsatisfactory, but it is Marica Hase, so I can enjoy it very much.
This is exactly the same content, it is not truth incense that is appearing, if it was other foreign porn actress it might have been unexpectedly boring.

While walking on a public road, a police car goes through a large siren while beside. The general passers-by couple take pictures with a smartphone noticed by this unusual scene (two people). (Looking at the attitude and expression of the ordinary people at this time, I think that this is probably not a preparation if anything.) Next, with Princess and a one-armed tattoo man, the three are in a certain bar We will enter.
Marica who made a stupid make-up, a dubious woman and a man, as soon as these three people entered the store, attention is drawn from customers who were present. Even glasses with thick eyeglasses watching with a slightly whistling breeze will surely be getting excited in the pants and lumping.

This video is a video whose expression is captured very well when Marica Hase is fucked by a man. When Marica is out of fury, her face looks up for a couple of seconds with occasional appearance when pussy is violently poked with live insertion.

Such a thing is often in AV of Japan, but what it says is a good way to reflect it.

This is a bit difficult to express, that is, Marica’s disgusting way at an exquisite moment, a face suffering from agony, this seems to be an indescribable sexy thing.

And the most important point of this video is a fuck scene. Only an actor who sexes raw with her is the only one. So there is no element to be turned around, but sex scenes with Marica’s crotch open wide, with two other men holding both feet.

Next is a sex scene with Marica tied up and hung with a rope, with one leg lifted.
Next is the sex scene at the normal position on the sofa.

All of these are at the best angle, the close-up of the insertion coupling part is contained in the camera clearly, and you can appreciate plenty raw insertion “outgoing purchase” video.

Unless you pretty much like her (Marica Hase), if you can not masturbate with this video, you surely have something wrong.

Marica who made a fancy and strange make-up. Marica who looks like such a foolish thing is fucked by an actor and is excited extra.

At the beginning like this video showcase outdoor exposure with costumes full of exposure.
There are such restraint raw sex scenes after being stimulated scatteredly in the exciting situation of the outdoor scenes.
You surely will be in the middle of the video, the right hand is the mouse, the left hand is the crotch hand.
When it comes close to the end of the video, it must be looking while doing “masturbation”.

Marica Hase comes to USA to get FUCKED in PUBLIC
for the FIRST TIME

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