Anal Attentions:
Nicole Ray, Louisa Lanewood
Distribution site: KINK.COM network
Recording time: 28 minutes 40 seconds
Video delivery date: July 24, 2017

USA porn model “Louisa” past the age of 30 that is fairly meaty can blame the anal with a hip back.

A slender woman with a locked neck, handcuffs fitted, the chain is full of chains around the body. The video of this time is also “girls’ Lesbian SM play animation” continuing from last time. The Queen is not beautiful so far, but the proportion is a good and sexy feeling queen. I think that it is relation of lighting, but the image is the image in which “red color” is emphasized as a whole.

There are multiple items such as vibrators and handcuffs on casters placed on the left side of the screen.
The Queen straddles the face of this slender woman slave and licks her own cunt. A slender woman slaves licking the Queen’s Shaved Pussy with a loud voice. That tongue use is like a “little cat”.

Oh yeah … It is not only punishment for the Queen to lick it.
will also let my own boobs lick. Let your baby lick like to suck up with milk (maybe I should say “let’s smoke” rather than lick it)
The basic highlight of this video is “scenes of inserting anal pearl + electric grain attack scene + silver vibe torture scene” in the posture of “Punishment Ricking & Ricking Rim and Scenes of Peniban + Anal Pain with 69 Positions”.
These plays are done with a lot of lotion on the anal. The Queen will also blame the rice cake with electricity while stimulating the female slave anal at the same time with fingers when playing electricity. In case
In the penis band torture, as if being like a man, will recliner and rebel against slave slaves.

Queen of this video
Nicole Ray
Hometown: USA Illinois
28 years old born April 11, 1989 (as of August 2017)
Caucasian Scorpion
Whenever you watch this kind of SM movie, who is this actress? I often think that, most of them are often actresses active in the overseas porn industry. This Nicole Miss is also .. She is famous in the American porn industry. If you think so, she never has the “temperament of S”, but in this movie it may just be just playing the Queen .

.Slave role “Louisa Lanewood Louisa Larnwood” She is detained by handcuffs and chains and struggled by herself without being moved, but Nicole comes to the queen there.
Because Luisa is holding a captain, she has drooled as “slime” from its mouth. Nicole keeps staring her because she glares at Louisa.
A short movie of 28 minutes and 40 seconds is only content that Nicole is blaming Ruiza unilaterally, but if you are interested in Lesbian SM please check it.
There are also other Lesbian SM videos many. Women’s unique play may attract your interest.
Also, the scenes of the crime attacks and the sexually explicit scenes of the highlights of this movie are projected on the screen in a duplex.

Anal Attentions
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