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Not much known in Japan’s country yet The existence of KINK.COM.


The adult industry in Japan is a huge market. In such an adult market in Japan it is a category of “classic” genre “SM” ..
It is a very big market of that “SM” genre, and there should be many SM maniacs in the world. However, most of the Japanese SM movie enthusiasts are viewing the so-called “Japanese SM movie” in which “Japanese AV actress” is appearing day by day ..? Of course, I myself like Japanese SM movies and I often watch it. However, the world of the Internet is vast. Needless to say, the adult industry is common to all countries. It is said that the adult industry in Japan is rich in the world.

Certainly, Japanese adult videos are indeed anything but a world full of innovative content. Contents of pornographic movies such as the United States and the United Kingdom are monotonous for such adult videos in Japan, story characteristics, concrete planning contents, situations and the like like Japan are not so elaborate and devised There is no fact. Then, what if it becomes a genre called SM? Basically it may be inferior to Japan even if it is a genre of SM. Because, as mentioned earlier, even for SM movies, in the case of Japan it is very content extremely, and its contents are quite diverse.But, the neighborhood is still a maniac SM world ..
The world of the Internet is vast. As you further deepen the SM industry, there are cases where you do not know yet “the best content may be asleep”I think that I will explain in detail the “KINK.COM” super popular SM video site which is the most famous in the world here.

KINK.COM is the world’s largest toll porn SM movie site.Enjoy a sensual SM world spreading over the monitor.

Number of videos that exceeds 10,000 points.The best SM Entertainment is right there.

This “KINK.COM” which is overwhelming presence in the SM porn industry, this pornographic site is not limited to tight bindings and restraining play videos, as well as “confinement, training, outdoor exposure SM, gangbang rape (rape) · Anal Fuck “and so on, all SM and fetish play movies are packed full of paid SM pornographic sites.
Of course, there are also other maniac play playing such as fistfuck and watering attauck

However, since is American porn, there are no common enema play or scatology play of Japanese SM play.This is not limited to American pornography, even for European pornography.

Since western pornography is different from Japan, regulations and laws are different, such play videos are almost none at all.
If you are seeking those extremely transformational contents, it is faster to see SM movies in Japan where regulation is loose. However, you do not need to be sorry, if you are not asking for them perfectly, once you dive in the gate of, there is the best SM in the world Entertainment is expanding.

It is this that leads the world (on the earth) SM porn industry now was born by Mr. Peter Acworth, founders in 1997, but has since become the leader in the industry until now in 2018., originally based in New York, has moved to San Francisco as it grows, and now videos are produced around Las Vegas. Although it may be less familiar to Japanese people, overseas SM site is SM site that is known as

In other words, is a giant of the SM porn industry and the deceased, and moreover, it can be said to be “an entity that completely dominated the industry.” Free pornography If the giant of the video world is “XVIDEOS” or “PORNHUB”, the giant of the SM porn world is this Why do not you try tasting “the best SM performance” delivered from the United States beyond the ocean? has appeared in numerous American, European and Asian pornstars. has famous porn actress all over the world. Those actresses are not necessarily actresses like SM specialty. Rather most actresses are famous actresses with hardcore pornography.

Especially recommended is Remy Lacroix.

“Remy · Lacroix” in her USA, (San Francisco) She is a porn actress who is breast-breasted with breast augmentation surgery and is stubbornly keeping “natural milk” stubborn until now It is an unusual type of porn actress.

She is ripe in all the videos, of course, bondage, rape, anal fuck and so on.



A little older sister family “Chanel · Preston”

“Chanel · Preston” I am 32 years old even if I say age increase. Busty is a breast enlargement, but the beauty that feels intelligent and intelligence, and the sex pheromone that leaves the whole body are exceptional. Personality is also somewhat elegant, she seems to be smart. I always think that I am watching her videos.



A girl like a little devil “Charlotte Sartre”

“Charlotte Sartre” Although it is a girl who does not know what sort of mysterious and what you are thinking at first glance, it is characteristic of “shy little SEX” that does not seem to be an American porn actress. By the way, her “Morimant’s Shaved Pie” is the best.

And there are Asian pornstars at


Kinki Asian porn actress group included in KINK.COM network.

I said that is an American site, but since pornographic actresses around the world are gathered, so many Asian actresses.
It is an overwhelmingly conspicuous existence among them, but this “Marica Hase” is a lady who should not forget.
She declared the United States a few years ago and moved the activity base to the pornographic industry in Europe and the US, but the result is doing great success. She seems to have been accepted abroad.
It’s fluffy, Marika.

This is not just an AV actress, not a talent, is not it better to say it .. How pretty Japanese AV actress is suddenly going to Europe and the United States so it should not succeed so so ..

After transferring “Hasebe Mariko” activity base to the United States, it is Makika who is in perfect condition. It is suitable for the year from the Japanese, but it seems that if you look from an American male, you can still see it as a child. That is one of the reasons for its popularity.

The author (Ranmaru) has joined “many foreign overseas charged SM sites” so far.

The first member to join is

There are many pay SM sites overseas, but it is considerably inferior to the number of general hardcore porn sites.
In fact, there are quite a few membership sites in “SM movie specialty” in Japan. In case

When you enjoy SM movies on a monthly fixed system in Japan, it should be a rather narrow gate.

Even in the overseas SM industry, it may be the same in a sense. Basically, even overseas, “paid SM pornographic website” does not mean there are so many sites there. However, even if it says so, the difference is clear in comparison with Japan.

Comparing overseas with one of Japan’s countries may be funny, but there are really many “paid SM video sites” in Western countries and European countries. However, when becoming “SM site delivering high quality and high quality content” among them, the number will be narrowed down considerably. In order to judge them, some experience and information gathering power will be needed.

But do not worry about that anymore .. I have been looking for “Overseas · Western goods SM video site” over nearly 15 years, for nearly 15 years, I have been researching. We will provide you with the information obtained from it.

There is no need to get lost anymore.
Perhaps you are interested in overseas SM, but you are looking for ways to search, but which ones do you want to join? Why are you sure you are lost? In fact, I’ve seen a lot of such low-level SM sites, such as a boring site, a site with poor content content, a site where update has completely stopped, and so on.

I have been searching for overseas SM sites for years and looking around. However, due to the maniac genre “SM”, the site which delivers high quality content really, the site which provides high quality “SM animation” to SM users, the number is really limited I will. This is the result I’ve investigated overseas SM pornographic sites for many years, so there is no doubt.

It is this that I first joined the chargeable SM site. It is about 9 to 10 years ago from now. If you use the Internet, you can easily join paid sites paid for domestic as well as overseas sites and enjoy it. Even though it is in English-speaking countries, it is very unfriendly.

However, even if it says so, the threshold for admission will surely be higher as it becomes an overseas pornographic video site in English – speaking countries. I will explain them step by step by the author.

Good quality content, reliable overseas charged SM site ..And in that choice to choose “No 1”

“Excellent foreign paid SM movie pornographic website that delivers valuable content and can be trusted”

We are introducing them only on our website SASORI X.
And among them “” is one of “the best SM sites”. Even if it is simply “SM mania”, that preference should be various, SM play is truly diverse. “Bondage, restraint, candles, whip” which is also the basis of SM play Some people think that they want to see the basic SM play purely, others are not “super hard torture SM play” that goes further There are also people who can not be satisfied any longer.

This .. play such as to penetrate needle penetrating the body and declare damage such as enema etc. There is no such thing as “extreme play”, but almost It covers the SM play of. Variations such as bondage, restraint and whipping, as well as watering, candle burning, fire-using flame play etc. are wide.

Perhaps you may be “super tyrant tortoise SM play” to super supermarket, or maybe you are interested in SM play but may also want to enjoy “real sex scene” enough. If so, there is no need to worry about it, is of course a SM lover, but “It is a site that has enough elements of” hardcore sex “that you can fully enjoy even if you do not like SM.

In other words, KINK.COM is a “SM site that is relatively uky”. In short, it is this “” that you can recommend from a SM movie beginner to a SM video “hard user” widely. So even if you are a SM beginner, that does not matter to anything. You can enjoy it well with this

The reason I came to know this was the opportunity to see “advertisement” by chance on overseas major free porn video site several years ago from now. And when I casually visited the site, there was a high-quality, beautiful bondage image lined with “Zurari”, which was stolen from the high quality of its quality.’s members area content also offers high-definition movies as well as high-definition, high-resolution image galleries. It is a maniac core world in SM, deep and extreme SM play done in prison · prison … This world’s best SM group has created such a dark world with a splendid image.


Despite its SM movie, thought-out stories, back music and sound effects.

The video of is not just a silent play of the SM play as a video.

Sound effect · Soundtrack flowing behind, SM animation, yet fantastic and dramatic story development and its production power. Furthermore, when I watch acting performances of actresses and actors who appear, and videos of, it even makes me feel like watching “movies and dramas” as well. This group is highly appraisable in everything.


When you see the work of this, you surely will be able to overcome the concepts of SM animation so far, please have a look once. You should be able to feel it. On, there are many famous SM actresses, actors, and teenagers who have appeared on other SM sites in large numbers, and their acting power is wonderful.

“Takaka is a SM movie ..” Maybe you think so. “Yes, as you say, it’s a SM movie” “But, please wait for that fixed concept a moment.” That definition applies to other minor SM video sites. First of all is different in scale from its SM site. I do not introduce such a trashy SM video site at all on this site.

In fact I am seeing and knowing many such low-quality sites. is a “gateway” for exactly enjoying overseas SM videos. But even if I say so, there are individual differences of preference. That is one genre called SM.

Here I have one advice from you. The content of is certainly wonderful. Play content, image quality, streaming and download speed, which are very impressive high quality.

Here I have one question from you.
What are you looking for overseas SM? There are differences if you think deeply into the site deeply even if you say it is abroad SM. The first is the direction of the site, the concept, and the main point of the site.

If you are looking for super extreme hard torture SM animation, this may feel a little unsatisfactory. Super extremely charged pay movie site .. There are others in them.
If you are looking for such SM site, please see the list of sites in “Super hard torture SM” from “this chargeable SM site list”.

But if you are thinking that you want to enjoy the “Entertaining SM Movie” like this in plenty of times, this network is the best recommended site There is no mistake.

KINK.COM network, enormous and content is diverse.

“” led by CyberNet Entertainment Inc., founded in 1997, has evolved steadily since its founding. The number of video titles continues to increase steadily, and the original video content released by is becoming a deeper in-depth content. They are constantly pursuing, a group of videos with originality that only they can do. It is completely differentiated from other SM sites clearly.

Deployment of videos that users have not even anticipated, and excellent overall organizational strength. The video of Kink who stuck with stiffness never “get tired”. The video content of that is updated like everyday always sends the best SM content to the world.

KINK.COM is a treasure trove of SM animation ..
There are over 10,000 SM & Fetish videos.

Videos that exceed 10,000 points are actually composed of various play contents. There are plays that can not be written here, such as tying and restraining, as well as training, outdoor play, humiliating play, neglect play .. and so on. Where to distinguish the content distinguished as such multiple channels, such as Hogtien channel thoroughly bound, PublicdisGrace specialized for outdoor exposure, HardcoreGangBang specialized for rape, WiredPussy specialized for local current torture play etc Or maybe you will get lost at first.

30 channels of KINK.COM are unlimited in one account.


**IMAGE is a channel element and is classified and organized into multiple sites.

When you visit the site, it seems as if multiple sites are complex at first glance. This is a common structure of paid overseas porn site, it is difficult to understand it from Japanese. Actually, this is a configuration commonly adopted in overseas porn sites, which is called “network site”.
Simply put, this network site means that when you join any one of these multiple sites (channels), at the same time all other sites (channels) are viewing (using) It is a system that can be done.

An early story is “If you join, the video of all sites will be unlimited”. also adopts that method. So it means that there is no need to get lost as “Which site do you want to join?”


KINK.COM members only “Members Area”

Surprisingly high image quality H 264
“MPEG-4 AVC (Empue for Evice)”
Two download options of “SCENES / scene” and “DOWN LOAD” are prepared for the video content of KINK.COM.

1. “SCENES / scene” is not an option to download the entire movie but to split it into several scenes and download it. Although it is KINK.COM that can be downloaded at high speed with any video with long recording time, it becomes possible to download in a shorter time by using this split download. Please also check the incredibly fine and high quality video of KINK.COM by you.

H264 “MPEG-4 AVC (Empeg Four Evice)” file
Movie image quality when playing back


The highest image quality that is no more
HD high-definition download video

In viewing the video content of KINK.COM, you do not have to worry about that quality at all. Although KINK.COM also has a high server response speed, I have not compromised any video quality. As HD high-definition movie, it is as vivid as possible. In KINK.COM where there are many local up scenes of the model, its inner labyrinth, vulva labia, clitoris .. they can also be viewed over details.

Download option Movie image quality when playing HD files.

Texture of the skin, wrinkles, pores etc. “High quality picture quality that is clearly clear and clearly visible.

As you can see from the image below you can see the skin quality of the actress to pick up.

Overview of KINK.COM
Total video distribution number more than 12 thousand
Total number of channels in the network 54 channels
Movie file format HD Hi-Vision: MP 4 (1280 x 720)
About download speed 2 minutes 40 seconds (1.2 1.5GB)

LARGE: MP 4 (960 x 540)
About download speed: about 1 minute 30 seconds (361 MB)

SMALL: MP 4 (480 x 270)
Download speed (about 1 minute)

MEDIUM: MP 4 (640 X 360)
Download speed (about 45 seconds)
Total number of images ZIP file, 1 title (about 32 to 197 pictures)
Image size 1200 x 675 pix


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