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Let’s get started right now.

KINK.COM Taste the world’s largest SM entertainment with its eyes ..

More than 12,000 titles
– Exotic and erotic SM animation –
It is already for you.

You can enjoy the best SM entertainment videos in the world as much as you want, whenever you like, anytime, anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.

“KINK.COM content, full download unrestricted”

Please prepare one credit card at hand
The KINK.COM network channel adopts an online payment system “Rocketgate” which is trusted and well-known overseas. If you have any concerns or doubts, please contact support or Rocketgate customer.

But wait a while before that.
Do you already have a membership plan?

For the KINK.COM network channel There are 4 membership plans.


1 month – $ 39.99 (Mon) Monthly Membership
Payment amount at the time of first entry $ 39.99
Billing cycle: Automatically charged $ 39.99 the same amount each month

3 months – $ 29.99 (Mon) 3 Month Membership
Payment amount when first enrolled $ 89.97
Billing cycle: Every three months, the same amount of $ 89.97 will be charged automatically
About 1,061 yen per month a profit

6 months – $ 22.99 (Mon) 6 Month Membership
Payment amount at the time of first enrollment $ 137.95
Billing cycle: There is no automatic continuing billing
About 1,803 yen per month

1 year – $ 19.99 (Monday) 1year Membership
Payment amount at the time of first entry $ 239.88
Billing cycle: There is no automatic continuing billing
About 2,122 yen per person a month

Since the six month member and the one – year member will not be automatically charged continuously, after the period is over, the log – in will be automatically disabled and the members will be unsubscribed. If you want to enjoy the content again, you will need to sign up again.

KINK.COM network channel entry procedure

step 1
Access to KINK.COM top page.
Step 2
Click “JOIN” at the top right of the page
Step 3
The following screen will be displayed, so we will enter each item. Enter your “user name, email address, password” to the item “Create Your Account”.
(Please be sure to write your user name in English, passwords recommend at least 8 letters to enhance security.You can also use e-mail address with Yahoo or Gmail etc.)
※ User name is your choice (anything you like), it is not necessary to enter with your real name.
Lastly check the checkbox on the left next to I agree to the Kink Terms & Conditions. (This is a common contract item)
Step 4
Next, I will select a membership plan. It will be one month, three months, six months, one year from the top. The longer the period, the lower the price per month will be.
Fill in all of these items and click “CONTINUE” when selection is completed.
Step 5
“Package: Rebills every 30 days at 49.99 USD” listed at the top of the page (If you choose a monthly plan, this should be described as “xxxxx at 49.99 USD.” This part is yours Please check if it matches the plan you chose Next enter your email address (same as before)
Next, enter your name as it appears on your credit card (in English)
Then enter the card number. The security number is the security code stated on the back of most cards: “Visa · Master · In the case of various bank cards etc., the number written on the back of the card” Last three digits “is a security code .
However, depending on the type of credit card, it may be written in 4 digits on the front card number (upper right or upper left). In the case of American Express, the last 4 digits of the card number on the front side becomes “security code”.
This security code is nicknamed by the card company, and it is sometimes called “card security code” “personal security code” “CVV” etc.
Expiration date of the card, postal code (It does not matter if there is no hyphen) Select the country name JAPAN.
Finally I can check the contract.
Confirm that all input items are correct and click “Send settlement” at the end.
(Notes:I am Japanese, so the language is Japanese, but You can switch to English and other national languages.)

As the screen during data transmission is displayed for about 3 to 5 seconds, please wait.

Depending on the type of card, you may be asked for an authentication password in this way as well.
In that case, “Please enter your authentication password” of your card It should be presented by the card company when you issue your credit card. Once settlement is completed, the top page of KINK.COM will be displayed again. A screen like “Registration of membership registration” will not be displayed.

In the credit card statement, it is displayed as follows. ‘Cybernet 866-765-3058’

Once settlement is completed, the top page of KINK.COM will be displayed again. Although the screen like “Registration of enrollment” is not displayed, “Notification of completion of enrollment” will be immediately sent from KINK.COM to your registered e-mail address. I will be sent immediately with the following text.

Welcome to!
Your email address is: (here your registered email address) As our guest, we invite you to participate in our Kinky community by commenting on our shoots and posting in our forums. This can be done through the ‘My Account’ section of any of our websites. Main Site: Forums: My Account: If you have any question, please contact Enjoy!

How to cancel KINK.COM

The method of canceling KINK.COM is very easy, first access the pages of each site. Select “Manage Subscriptions” from the pull down of the link of account information at the top right.

Next, click “Cancel Subscriptions” on the left side of the Manage Subscriptions item.
Then “Peter · Acworth”, a picture of the expression that is regrettable is displayed. I also ask the reasons for withdrawal. It is “too expensive”, “technical problem”, “other problems”, so please select the one that is appropriate.

Next, you will be asked if you need “contact customer support (support)” before canceling. If not, please click “CONTINUE CANCEL”.
Next, the offer is displayed here. If you cancel this, I will offer you a special price specially. It is an offer that you can continue “using: KINK.COM” at this rate if it is ok with that. In fact this time, it will be presented at a cheaper rate, so if it has changed so that you can continue as well, you can continue at that offer price. If not, click “CONFIRM CANCEL”.

When cancel processing is completed, “Manage Subscriptions” is displayed as below and the Action item changes to “Cancel”. With this, withdrawal (cancellation) processing is completely completed. There will definitely be no charge from the next month.

“Notes on Cancellation”
Please pay attention to credit card balance shortage error.

Even if you are not planning the cancellation process, if some sort of “withdrawal error” has occurred due to insufficient credit card balance etc. Cancel Subscriptions “item may not be displayed from” Manage Subscriptions “management screen of KINK.COM network. Naturally, even if you visit the page of KINK.COM, the ” download” link etc will not be displayed, you will not be able to download videos or streaming playback.

However, there is no need to panic. This is due to an error occurring in the automatic charging process, so this phenomenon is only temporarily occurring. That is, on the KINK.COM network side, the phenomenon occurs because the system is going to re-settle within a few days (about two to three days). During this time, this state continues until the re-settlement process is completed.

So in this case, if your credit card is re-settled to within 2 ~ 3 days and it succeeds in successful settlement, the item “Cancel Subscriptions” will be displayed again on the “Manage Subscriptions” management screen.
In summary, “cancellation processing” is only possible “only when the membership period is normally continuing”.

If you are worried about forgetful personality, use “Google Calendar” and other features and set it to send “Automatic email notification mail” 5 days or 3 days before expiration of the membership period Please give me. (Although the cancellation process itself is sufficient even just before, it takes time to decide whether to cancel or not, if you have a margin of about 3 to 5 days, you concentrate on downloading the movie during this time, , You can also download a movie at a stretch “.
Because I am paying much money, I think that it is better to enjoy yourselves without waste)

Then, KINK.COM network channel
Please enjoy SM content as much as you want.
Click here to view KINK.COM now.