The SM site “InfernalRestraints Hell restraint” is already a very popular site on our website. From my point of view, I do not quite truthfully understand why this site alone is out of the group and it is popular in the Intersec group site, but the user seems to like this site anyway.
Certainly, this “restraint of hell” has many cold-hearted torture videos, and it is certainly No. 1 both in contents and quality at the major US SM site about now. Anyway, this site seems to be hard to play, but what do is maniac and there are parts that are quite metaphorically oriented. Crucifixion crucifixion, fire fighting, etc. Especially, the most distinctive and originally strong part is simply not only torturing a slave (woman), but also that the body and mind are all driven to the point of destruction.
Well .. well, if you look at it with eyes, you can understand the meaning very well.

The strongest extreme super hard torture SM video InfernalReatraints Brilliant visualization of cruel behavior and heartless acts.

After you join, first of all, you will get a strong first impact.

This site is perfect if you see ultra-hard grade “torture paid SM site”.

You see with that eye, you know that’s all you do. Excellent hard SM performance that everyone is convinced. It can not be done simply by merely touching content such as bondage and restraint. There is SM content here that surely satisfies your desires, not just the top side.

Category / super hard torture
Playword: Flogging · Watering · Embedding · Fireburst · Humiliation · Bondage · Restraint · Restraint · Control · Control · Confinement · Forced Fellatio · Cage · Prison

In 1997, as the biggest bondage porn site at the time in the Internet industry, the site “In Sex” that captivated SM maniacs around the world In 2005, for the extreme violent (sadism) depictions that the US The Investigation Bureau regulations entered, and InSex closed the curtain. However, the site In Sex has been reborn and still alive here.

“Hell restraint” As the site name suggests, the content is hell torture SM itself. Use various “torture tools and restraints” to dominate women (slaves) and hurt.

First of all, this SM site “InfernalRestraints / Infernal” is an SM movie site managed by Intersec Interactive Inc., a pornographic company based in the US. Founder, so-called PD, Brent Scott  In 1997, he first launched the SM pornographic site (In Sex). Inseparably, In Sex was forced to close, but in the following year, I was reborn and restarted activities.

Those who visit this site SASORI X are very much SM hard users.In normal porn is no longer satisfied · I can not ·
I am really satisfied with super hard SM Video .. “Is not it surely the case?

But, I do not want to see SM movies with bad and poor content, but free SM movies are overflowing on the net, but it also has degraded image quality and recording time is short. Perhaps you think that you can not get enough satisfaction with that. I want to watch plenty, high quality SM torture videos over time, plenty …If so, it is a great deal answer that you visited our site.

Because, There is no value worth seeing firstly SM movies etc. which are cut by editing, bad image quality halfway, rolling on the net.

If you say that you are still satisfied, the story is different. It is true that if you are a general normal porn, there may be plenty of users who are satisfied with that degree,

However, I think that the definition is almost not applicable to SM movie deeply.

If it is a normal porn “If you can even see it without it, then you may be able to achieve your desire, but I think that is not the case for SM movies.

Even if you can only look at the scenes of flogging, you can not pay attention only to scenes that are being hanged, the SM movie completely appreciates all the videos and “excitement and pleasure from the whole series flow” I think that it is something to remember. Moreover, it is better to have high quality of high quality.

This site “Infernal Restraints / Restraint of Infernal Hell” is a site that I can recommend highly confidently as well as, even while I have seen overseas SM movie sites for several years.
For those who are SM beginners or those who recently started interested in SM for a while · · · It may not be recommended much for users, but if you are a hard user, you should definitely be satisfied .

It can be said that there is no SM & Torture instrument which does not appear in this InfernalRestraints.

Of course not to mention ropes, whips and Striking instrument. There are no limits on it, including buttocks, fetters, metal restraints, handcuffs, candles, triangles, needles, nails … and so on.

You can witness “the scene of the ultimate blame” using all kinds of torture tools on this site.Not only the richness of the kind of tools, but also the play itself has been thoroughly planned in advance,You can also see creative ingenious play on this site.

Whip, candle or restraint … “I got tired of getting used to familiar SM equipment.” As for this site, you will not have such dissatisfaction.

Not only the tools used for torture play but also the “dog foods and cakes crushed by remnants” will come out.treat women like livestock and eat food for livestock .. “Infernal restraint” is such a site. Even if you play, there are even Water attack, punishment for crucifixion and punishment for fire. It is not a half-way to enter into this site’s spirit.

Many of the videos of InfernalRestrainst are unparalleled. A strong original torture play tastes the strongest and worst humiliation feeling to a slave.

Torture focused on part of the body.
Tying and twisting the tongue with a cord, pulling … Infernal is fairly reproduced about the torture play against a part of the woman ‘s body considerably. While there are many videos that are finished with a splendid single whip or candle play, or restrained players, Infernal’s videos have a deep insistence on the details.

Metal bondage
If it is Infernal, it is packed with iron restraint playing video as well.

Fire hunger
Crazy fire burning blame. Even in SM movies in Japan, there are many extreme videos, but is not it that there is not much indeed such as torture play with this fire, playing such as “burning” and more?

Feed the food, fill it up.
Do not make food poor … everyone was told by their parents as a child … But Infernal does not accept such common sense. Because what they do is fundamentally out of common sense.

First of all it is worth a look

This “Infernal Restraints Hell Restraint”, as the site name suggests, “plentiful hell restraint / torture play” can be fully appreciated.
“Membership fee is a little higher setting of” $ 65.00 per month “, which is a somewhat higher setting, but anything like a maniac paid video site is set at a higher price. In case

And this site is well worth $ 65.00.
There is so much appeal in the content of this site.

I guarantee it is an administrator.
This site “Restraint of InfernalRestraints Hell” is a site that is quite popular within our site from the very beginning when I launched the site 8 years ago, and has a high entry rate. Users who join from this site are surely enjoying the videos of this site.

To say briefly, I think that this site is said to be a site where Mr. Brent Scott’s founder nature (transformation habit) is expressly expressed. I wrote it on another page, but he is simply a man who simply “wants to do what I want”. If you watch videos on this site, you must be immersed in this underground world.

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