OutCry | Hailey Young
Distribution site: InfernalRestrainst
Delivery date: July 22, 2011
Cast: Hailey Young, PD (Brent Scott)
Recording time: 56 minutes 06 seconds

Again Brent Scott was brutal and metamorphosis, actress Hayley survived hard torture

How well can you see how PD (Brent Scott) has a pervert hobby, devilishness, and a potentially unique nature (SM enthusiast). In the playing time of 56 minutes, it is full of intense and egg SM play. Fit an opening in the mouth, drop “cigarette ash” in its open mouth, cover a transparent plastic container from the head, seal the inside, use the tube in it, Sending cigarette smoke exhaling mouth …
The most extreme thing is to pierce the “elongated needle” at Hailey ‘s toes (the tip of the nail), it also to all five toes … the actress (model / Haley) that you can do so far is amazing, but so far PD (Brent Scott) who performs the transformation act is also amazing · · · It is amazing · A wonderful movie that I feel that the fear of “In Sex” at the time of Intersec Interactive Inc.’s foundation was steadily continued.

The cruelty SM play contents of InfernalRestraints has been continuing since five years ago

Although this video itself is the title of 2011, In Sex, which was forced to withdraw in 2005, has resumed a new activity a couple of days in 2006. In Sex who received pressure from FBI on too much extreme SM play live is currently, of course, this video distribution date is that the extreme content was alive with all even in the beginning of July 2011.

Let me introduce the contents of this movie as a preliminary letter about as good as this.

Humiliated miserable play

A hole opened in the floor. Mr. Haylei who pierces his head in the hole in the floor and puts out only the face, Mr. PD first comes up with Hailey’s “licking face”, the face (especially around the eyes) is licking. Next, let the opening be fitted, water bubbles over the face, and Mr. PD makes him lick his feet, when looking at Mr. Haylei’s PD’s foot, he is stretched without being care of his nails … Also its claws are the color of light yellow and muddy nails (filthy dirty feet / claws to see)

Well, if you let this dirty feet get licked, nobody would hate it. Next, a transparent, circular container is completely covered from the head of Haley, it is completely sealed without gaps. A thin tube is connected to the sealed container.
Mr. PD starts sucking cigarettes, and it holds the tube in his mouth, and sends out the smoke of cigarette discharged from the mouth into the container ·
Inside the sealed container, it suddenly fills with the smoke of Mr. PD’s cigarette. Hailey is getting sick.
After the inside of the container is filled with smoke to a certain extent, Mr. PD removes the container .. Then in the mouth of Hailey which is still open with the opening device, “Ash falls off the cigarette · · ·” Ash of the cigarette If you swallow, you do not die separately, but this is a terrible act. It is Mr. PD who can do with such sneaky act without trouble.
Next, scenes change, this time Hailey is set up, gag in mouth, gloves on back shoulder straps are secured behind the band, nipple clip (with weight) on nipple, villa villa (vulva) in vagina is a metal appliance (With a weight) … .. Mr. PD flips fingers with a left hand with Haylee’s vagina (pussy) with this weight attached. Furthermore, take out “small vibes”, stimulate Hailey’s crotch and blame.

Hailey To whip

Next, I hit Hailey who is in the restrained state in this state with “Single whip” and start beating. Hayley screams with pain.

Next, next time, cover the face of Hailey with a rubber mask, make mouth part breathing inevitable, both hands are restrained by the back, the metal restraint is fixed in advance on the wall, the wall The restraint fixed to Hailey is tightly fitted in the neck of the Hailey, and in this state it hits with a single whip.

Next, let’s seat Hailey on a metallic restraint shaped like a round chair and fix both ankles with a metal restraint like the image. Mr. PD takes out the black thread and wraps around Hailey ‘s toes one by one. And threw with a whip.
Next time, not only the mouth, cover the face with a rubber face mask covering the whole face, and hit with Cain.

From here it is the beginning of brutal SM play.

Mr. PD will pierce Hailey’s toe (in the nail) with a needle, which should be painful anyway. In this “toenail interspinous needle stick play”, a total of 8 needles are stabbed, with 4 right foot fingers and 4 left foot fingers. Then hit Hailey’s back with a whip, push the crotch with a stick from the bottom, punch with a stick, and simultaneously stimulate with a small vibrate.

In this way, this movie “Out Cry” is a movie in which “pain and despair” in SM play is expressed brilliantly. Even videos of about five years ago from now on, this degree of fulfillment with this dense content, now this site InfernalRestraints surely continues to raise the quality of the movie and continues updating. I’m looking forward to seeing how far the latest video title of the present is evolving … I will continue to see it. Please do not miss this opportunity.


You surely like it.
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