In the darkness: Fusion of bondage and rape, an nightmare night experienced by a white girl


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In the movie that I feel most masterpiece while I was watching KINK.COM videos for several years this “In to The Darkness in to the Darkness” is. This work is even a masterpiece among KINK.COM’s storyless videos, which seems to be watching the suspense thriller movie scene. Although it is a bit exaggerating when saying movies etc., “Scenes, atmosphere, sound effects, bag ground music” which the picture is depicting are about as good as the real suspense thriller. “There is something even made up of SM porn videos so far …” I think that I want you to taste such feeling.

Hogtied masterpiece “Fantasy bondage rape video”Into The Darkness
A Hogtied Featured movie. A fantasy BDSM abduction movie starring Rylie Richman

Distribution site: KINK.COM network
Delivery Channel: Hogtied
Cast: Mark Davis, Rain DeGrey, Bella Rossi, Audrey Rose and Rylie Richman
Recording time: 32 minutes 40 seconds
Video delivery date: September 27, 2011
Playword: Fantasy SM, ruins, rape, restraint, ceremonies

It’s as if you are watching Hollywood movies.
This “in-the-darkness” is a masterpiece under masterpiece of bondage site “Hogited”.

If you see this movie .. I definitely want to see it to the end.

“Rylie Richman Larry Richman” who is appearing in this movie is a good actress with a modest style, although it seems a little milky. One day, she gets lost in the ruined astray astray. She has already decided to spend the night in this ruins because sunset has already passed since midnight. But, in this ruins, a horrible and creepy ceremony was taking place. She realizes that there are people in this ruin and sees a sight, but she who has witnessed a secret ceremony will be caught behind by someone’s hand.

She is reading candlelight and starts reading. But “her faint sounds .. and people’s signs” heard in her ears She who became uneasy in the dark enters the room behind the ruin of people’s signs.
At that time she said that she saw a woman covered with a full head mask and a collar and a big man wearing a black hunt.
When she saw this strange sight, she trembled in fear and stood on the spot.

The scenes so far are common patterns in suspense movies. But this movie is SM movie.

Actually, the building (ruins) used for shooting at this time is “SF ARMORY” which is the base of KINK.COM. Here, movies are taken. There is also a rally lost in the ruins (SF ARMORY) in Mission Street even in the video setting.

The fate that was waiting for her who was caught in the ruins.

After she gets caught, the scene changes in the picture and it becomes a scene of a room like a normal bedroom. Naturally this bedroom is a room in the ruins if it thinks according to the setting of this video, the atmosphere turns out from the dimly ruins, she gets scolded by a big actor for a big actor here.
This is not a Japanese one because it is a Western porn movie, so it is not a “poke like a little bird piercing with a beak” like Japan’s poor AV. You can think that you can enjoy plenty and amazing “raw insertion joint” with this video, it is also big screen up video. She is fitted with a gas mask etc in this bedroom, but let’s enjoy such a thing about this movie more “hard fuck” part. The point of this video is here.

“Excitement” restraint fuck scene “I think this movie is the best.

This video is also a very interesting story setting like the one described above, but it is quite exciting for a captive rape image since Miss Larry was caught. There are as much as any other video of KINK.COM such restraint scenes ..? You may have thought so, but the impression is a bit different about this video.

Here a bit of detail is said:
First of all, like the image, Mr. Larry’s legs are lifted upwards at the highest and restrained by a rope on a wooden living chair. The body is pretty bent as you can see, “her shaved pussy is in bare state”.

In this rape (fuck) scene she is detained, not iron restraint, but a simple living chair, but her detention form is terribly erotic and I like it personally.
It is quite difficult to express in words .. If you express it easily with words, her figure being restrained is somewhere “Please, please push your thick penis in my cunt”

I feel like I’m saying that, and I see that.
Conquer the body of a woman who is restrained and can not move
Sneakily, it is the time of rape of rape rape mania.

If you are a man, there should be more or less “rape wish”. Certainly, since this movie itself is based on SM play, the theme of this movie is not something that can be said unconditionally as a 100% raped (rape) movie. But in the long run,
what do with rape (rape) AV is similar.

So, including such a meaning, this scene (picture) which she is conquered by “Ouniko bare state” with her feet wide open wide is a very exciting scene from my point of view.
Besides, this restraint fuck scene has recorded quite a lot of time. Although this movie itself is only about 32 minutes in total, if enough to masturbate with this excitement fuck scene, enough time is recorded. So it’s okay.

Of course the junction is shown up. Larry Mr. Larry who became purple in both breasts is restrained by the living chair and can not move at all, the scene inserted purely in the hole of the pussy rawly can not be tasted with other KINK Video There is peculiarity.

In to the Darkness
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