Help Wanted
Delivery channel: HARDCORE CHANNELS
Delivery date: December 9, 2016
Cast: Derrick Pierce, Juliette March

Juliette March is locked in handcuffs and fucked.


Juliet, who works as a house keeper, is ordered by Derrick “You are in this room forever”
“And listen to me, do exactly as I said” ..
Derrick of the skin head has a tied SM hobby. In this work, Derrick’s sexual orientation is not portrayed so far, but well anyway he is a SM enthusiast.

Julieet of Housekeeper could not help obeying Derrick with a pervert hobby. In case

Miss Juliet this this time. The shape of boobs is nice. It’s pretty good.
The face is a face of the third generation, and the style is not particularly good, but there is also sex appeal and the body is quite nice.

But this Juliet, the pussy’s hair is not shaved.

Although it may be shaving partially, the hair is properly left.

There is a place where the setting is slightly stuffy in this work. However, as it is good for the time being, the main attraction of this work is live and inserted “pussy and anal fucking scenes”. Or, that’s it.

The element like SM play just hits with a whip and something else is doing fine things but unfortunately that part is not worthy of attractions.

First of all, for one hour and nine minutes, this “Vaginal / Anal Raw Insert Fuck Scene” which is the biggest sightseeing spot will take a very long time. Juliet ‘s way of vanishing (voice) is also nice. The camera angle during sex is also perfect.

If it says like this, it is said that it is not the SM movie any longer, it seems to be said that it is the same as the hardcore porn video, but there are other movies to go bad on other KINK channels. Therefore, it is good to enjoy such a movie in that. I think that it is getting bored with it if the number of videos exceeding about 10,000 titles, everything has been filled with a complete SM playing.

Derrick orders Juliet to take off his clothes

You can put handcuffs behind you.

Dick picks Juliet’s nipple and clips the nipple. Dick to grab Juliet’s nipple Every time the hand moves, the clip pinched by Juliet’s nipple swings little by little.

Juliet that licks the dick’s penis from above the pants. .
When Dick lowers the pants and the bags are exposed, Juliet sucks the ball of the dick. Raw blowjob up to the root.

In an amazing amount, saliva drips from the mouth of Juliet.

Stay face down on the sofa and insert from the back raw. It is not “anal” but “Pussy”.
You can hear violent breathing.
And a hand man. Dick swinging back while rubbing clitoris on the left.
(This fuck scene is very long)

The angle from “just above” at the back angle, the angle I like most. It is a nice view.
You can also see the anal well.

Juliet It is a scene that opens a pussy by himself and accepts a cock of Derrick …

Even after this, He have handcuffs to whip it, and this time I am not “pussy” but also “anal fuck scene”.
In this way you can appreciate a lot of time taking pussy insertion and anal insertion.
There is not much SM element, but it is a movie you can enjoy first.

Help Wanted
Please see the sample movie


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