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Bondage BDSM channel delivered by KINK.COM, mainly focused on bondage · bondage play.


The current KINK.COM network started from this Hogtied. In other words, this site Hogited initially launched by Peter Acworth, founder of If you are looking for an overseas bondage SM site, you should not talk if you do not know this site first. This Hogited, which is purely tightly bounded by itself, has many blowjob scenes, but sex acts (sex) itself is hardly included in the content. It is a site made for really bound mania, it is also a site that a true bondage enthusiast should see.

Genre: Bondage
Playword: Bondage, binding, restraint, bondage, whipping, forced blowjob, torture, prison

The beauty of a slave woman tightly bound in a variety of ways, its beauty is beautiful on the screen with high vision.

That tightly-bounded video that is projected with HD high definition image quality is truly spectacular. Basic binding method of bondage “Binding behind and tying the tortoise shell” and of course, as well as sophisticated bondage experts can see the high level bondage techniques such as “hanging upside down / upside down” at the gravel I can do it.
You can appreciate the skillful bondage skills of professional overseas bondage teacher.

Overwhelming number of videos exceeding 1200 titles .. Although it is said that Hogtied is the concept mainly focused on bondage, it is not all constituted by a simple tight-binding play scene. Depending on the situation, the item to use for play, and the SM story that is getting stuck with it depending on the movie title .. In the KINK.COM network Sexand Submission sex and submission is gathered up with the most story content There are some movie titles that are made up of strangely fascinating stories of the bondage channel Hogtied.

This is “Hogtied” when I first learned about the existence of KINK.COM, and then joined the first time at that time. (* At that time it was a system that joins the site separately for each site, not the system with all the networks in one pass as it is now)

Hogtied ‘s charm is to know a variety of bondage methods and bondage techniques.

The power to manipulate the rope (rope) freely that the Western bondage is fascinated with the image.

When you view this Hogtied video, you may be able to find a different point of view different from how you enjoy SM porn movies.

History itself of this Hogited is very old, so the people who are the center of the content (the bondage) are replaced by the times and new people are added up to this day.

When I joined a couple of years ago, the center of the content at that time (the bondager) was “Matt Williams”. He is one of the leading bondagers in the United States.

Matt, who looked somewhat hateful, showed off skillfully bound techniques at this Hogtied. It seems that now the center of the content is “The ROPE”, but please also look to the movie titles delivered around Hogtied 2007 – 2009 as well as recent movie titles Please give me.

These videos can be touched a little bit “America’s BDSM culture” beyond the ocean, that is, “Western bondage” which can not be tasted by Japanese bondage videos.

You can taste fantastic SM space,A lot of SM movies with high entertainment.

And what I’d like to say more particularly is its high entertainment nature. Some of this Hogtied’s videos have very good entertainment.

It is a classic play in the SM genre of bondage. However, with the contents of this Hogtied channel, we add effective essence to the basic concept of bondage, making superbly exciting and fantastic images.
The best masterpiece I’ve ever seen is “POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL” and “Into The Darkness” These two are the strongest videos in myself. Of course, this is my personal preference to the last. You should look for your favorite movie title in this Hogtied for you.

A carefully thought-out structured story, a flowing behind like a movie soundtrack ..
That is the world that I can not taste in Japanese SM movie.

Movie “Predator game” where Claire Adams turns predator into Predator and gives Marica Hase a blood festival

A movie “Into the Darkness” that a woman who got lost in the arsenal was caught by someone and tightly raped

A blonde beautiful woman who is raped by confinement restraint by a man of two people who has invaded a private house Thrilling restraint SM movie “Poor Little Rich Girl”

And acting skill.
Certainly, in other words it is SM porno after all, so it may sound a little exaggerating. But let’s think about what you personally think and replace it with SM story with Japanese story. Actors and dialogues Japanese actors and actresses play in adult movies .. It is often that they look stunning by themselves. But I do not feel like this not only in the world of pornography but also in the world of general movies. No matter how hard actors and actors named Japanese acted hard, there is no way they can win Hollywood movies.

Even if it is “Hogtied channel” led by this KINK.COM network, it is just a movie, not a movie.
In other words, if you think about it compared to Japanese pornography, that is the same as comparing Japanese low-level general movies and TV dramas with American movies and TV dramas. However, apart from that, the adult video industry in Japan is not useless, it does not mean that kind of thing, I am not talking about such a story. However, if you compare the two, the difference is clear.

Hotied content overview
Number of videos exceeding 1200 (as of April 2018)
KINK.COM network total video distribution number 10,000 title or more
Membership fee Monthly $ 39.99 (USD) ~

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A huge SM movie is coming soon. So, what is this site called “KINK.COM network channel” really? As administrator explained in detail, please see the overview of from the link below.

Distributing this video .. >> KINK.COM Look at the overview of the network channel in detail.

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