Behind the paid porn site that does not understand face up .. and the history that they have been walking up to now..
If I say history, it may be a very exaggerated story. Unlike other low-level paid porn sites, this KINK.COM has a long way to go to success today.
It was a steep road or overcame a number of difficulties .. But I do not intend to talk like a “aesthetic based on success story” like that is commonly spoken here.Myth of a porn company that distributes obscene content. I told such a thing, it may be only my own imagination and delusion. But, this huge porn company called KINK.COM.
Just watching a movie, the true face of the creator on the background behind it and the difficulty and production process before you complete the movie will never know.

A number of staff are engaged in production before completing KINK.COM’s excellent BDSM entertainment.Their technical skills and knowledge, and computer brains. Specialists from all sectors gathered and the video of KINK.COM will be completed.Person who made up a huge porn company called KINK.COM.. It is that knowing the person’s personality and understanding to some extent changes the viewpoint of the videos.

Now it is the largest and most popular SM movie site KINK.COM on the world and the earth.

It means that its popularity is high only to the last. Numerous paid SM sites are on the verge of online. Of course, which SM type site you like depends on the preference of that individual.
However, the size of the company, and the number of people in the company engaged in content creation and planning. Number of videos delivered, considering these, KINK.COM is the largest SM video site.

Mr. Peter Acworth who has grown KINK.COM into the world’s No. 1 big member SM pornographic site. (that is, a transformation dot com when translating literally) This began with the fact that one young man at the time at Columbia University at that time started a membership pornographic website online. That young man is Mr. Peter Acworth, a student at the Columbia University who studied finance and was a doctoral student.
He grew up in England until he entered Columbia University in New York.
Peter · Acworth was a bondage enthusiast since the boy and had a hobby to become a slave (propensity).
In 1997, he will start ‘s first site, Hogtied (Paid Membership Bondage Site). In case
It is now’s perfect original content, but at the time of the initial Hogtied selling content that got a license (right) from another porn maker. Later Hogtied will be a favorite SM user around the world to record a big hit. With this in mind, he sets the goal of success in online adult business. Having focused mainly on learning until then, he will leave Columbia University himself to pour full focus on online adult business.

Peter Acworth, founder of who was shy at otaku.

Mr. Peter Acworth seems to be seriously looking like a man with a baby face. His face that created a large-scale SM movie distribution site in the world was shy, besides. Indeed, it seems that there was not a girlfriend until a lone solitary boy with special propensity.
The exclusive actor and actress are intertwined and doing things like “Orgy SM Play” all year round as a founder of the current KINK.COM a little surprising past talk ..

A little awkward boy in Japan, that is, .. In that time he might have been a boy like “Otaku”. When he launched the online membership pornography business, the mother seems to be worried that the Internet individual business owner will follow the way of loneliness. SM strongest group boasting an overwhelming share in the field of paid SM pornographic video distribution services worldwide.

The KINK.COM group led by Peter Acworth boasts the first market share in the SM porn industry now. That is first mistake. In each media on the Internet, it is said that KINK.COM has dominated the world, and I do not know a person who gives a different opinion to it. The vast Internet world … It’s too wide.

In the genre “BDSM” with strong maniacality, there are many paid SM pornographic sites all over the world. In such circumstances, there are really many sites that operate on a small and small scale.

However, when it becomes a popular site boasting overwhelming popularity among such many paid SM pornographic sites, it may be a number. In addition, like KINK.COM, there are only a few sites that “provide high quality and best SM entertainment”.
If I have such a site, I have found it long ago. In the adult industry where a huge number of toll pornographic sites shudderly, but the number of sites that are worth seeing when thinking in the genre of SM porn is considerably narrowed down.

Clear figures and complete indicators are not shown in the table, but must be the best in the world.

In 1998, He is moved the activity base from New York to San Francisco, and the collective name of the site network was KINK.COM.

Cybernet entertainment company (company name of KINK.COM), when founded, operated the site as a content with videos that gained sales rights from other porn manufacturers, but other pornographic sites have exactly the same content (movies) He (Peter Acworth) will soon notice selling. And, who noticed the importance of original original contents, he will start procuring professional models making full use of all connections. And we will move the video distributed within the site to “fully original video content”.

And in 2000, the second site “Fucking Machines Fucking Machine” is born. After that, we launched the site one after another, and since the pornographic website operated by him has grown in size and at the same time there are multiple sites with slightly different concepts, They are have designated the collective term “” to represent the entire site .

In 2006 we bought “SF Armory” which is a historic building. KINK.COM’s SM & Fetish movies are produced and photographed inside this huge and vast inside.

This building is located in San Francisco, California, USA (Mission Street).
Originally it was used as a US military arsenal. This building was abandoned by the National Guard in 1976. Peter who cares about this building at a glance begins thinking about purchasing for photography and production of SM porn group led by himself.

And Peter Acworth thought about making this huge space covering a total of 68,000 feet (about 6317 square meters) as a photography studio at KINK.COM. From the sense of the general public, this huge space is too large for too much SM porn movie shooting, and it feels like it is too big.

After all, he bought this SF Armory for about 14.5 million dollars (about 1.550 million yen in current Japanese yen) This is a great amount of money. You can see how KINK.COM was making a lot of money at this point.

However, he seems to have been very opposed by local residents when he purchased this building.
It may not be possible for any porn company, and the scream of a woman constantly hearing from within the building, general local people to oppose it.


There is no need for a building with cleanliness to shoot SM movies .. It is certainly so.

The interior of the building which had been neglected for many years was almost in ruins, especially the underground space was damp and full of humidity. However, it seems that the basement filled with such eerie moisture was a perfect space to shoot SM movies.
Although it is not all videos, many of the dark and abnormal videos that produces are filmed and produced inside this building. For SM movie photography with many situations such as prisons and prisons, the dimly lit space with this quite old age must have been a perfect place

A video of born from SFARMORY. The best entertainment SM video is created from here.

Currently the video of KINK.COM is “shooting / production” in Las Vegas Nevada.

Peter · Acworth made the video production and shooting location in Nevada (Las Vegas), in conjunction with Los Angeles’ “Pornography requires actors to wear condoms” obligation. Speaking of California state, many major porn sites besides KINK are producing videos.
Needless to say that wearing condoms in pornographic movies is mandatory for mosaic processing in Japan it goes without saying that sex with wearing a condom in the completely uncensored American porn industry is unexpected.

The backside of the shooting and the face of actresses are released. is the only site that publishes scenes actually shooting videos etc. on the SM site. Not only the shooting site, but also the scenes where actresses are hairing and making makeup, the opening scenery of the new site, etc. If you are watching them, you can see how many production staff are involved with this video .
This can see such shooting site. How are these videos shot and what kind of staff are you shooting? I think that there are also people who are not interested, but the viewpoint of watching the movie will also change by looking at such shooting landscape and model and facial expression and facial expression.
Just producing a single movie such as expensive gallagher for actresses, shooting equipment, costumes and utensils is costing huge expenses.

This video is the image immediately after purchasing SFArmory which Peter · Acworth, founder of in 2007, was a weapons box of the former US military.

Even SM porn company, excellent computer technicians are active at Scale size at production site, high quality equipment / equipment, competent production staff members involved in them.

Competent IT engineers at KINK.COM
After purchasing a building that was once used as a weapons store of the National Guard in 2006, built the image of the prison and confinement room inside its vast inside, hired an excellent exclusive photographer photographer, those shooting videos are excellent It is finished in attractive SM contents with high image quality by IT engineers.
Among them, it is surprising that it is the first time to design and build self restraint equipment and tools used for SM playing, and so on.’s technology department has a lot of competent iT technicians, and it is also the fact that excellent high-quality SM movies are produced one after another, as these excellent programmers and creators shadow the great dynamics That is why.

Too much huge, inside SFArmory, home of

I do not know very much from the front side, but the inside (equipment) of KINK.COM (Cybernet Entertainment) is very fulfilling. There is a special dining room for staff to eat, and there is also an exclusive chef.
There is even a bar for drinking after work at night and a fitness gym for further refreshing by moving the body.
Even though it is an adult enterprise of SM, I think that you can understand the magnitude of the extraordinary scale. This video is an in-house information movie about KINK.COM’s recruitment. A number of staff are engaged in KINK.COM’s company, and they are divided into various departments, “Marketing, Human Resources, Technology, Finance, Movie Planning Production” respectively.

KINK’s founder, Mr. Peter Acworth, does not use this extensive SFAmory as a place of production for BDSM and fetish movies anything. In this SFAmory, “Guided tours” etc. are also in place, and the inside is fully disclosed to people who are not interested in SM either. It also seems to provide local people as a place for shows and dance parties to be held on weekends.

Peter Acworth says “It is our future goal to create a variety of community spaces such as sports events and performance art” in this place.

Bar on Mission Street “Armory Club”
This is just a bar, almost not related to SM movies.

The drink menu is really rich, cocktail · beer · white wine · red wine. It is a cocktail of ginger beer, grenadine, apple bitter and so on. German style Pilsner · Northern Indiego Pale Yale · Anchor Steam and other beers such as Sete Cesse Albalino, Pinot Noir, Steel and other wines. And the underground space named “downstairs basement” is made for more than 50 parties.

The historical building SF Armory built in 1914, this building was abandoned by the National Guard in 1976, considering buying for photography and production of SM porn group who leads this building himself Peter Acworth I visited this SFArmory. Although it is an old building, it is a huge and large scale interior space that is too big. Eventually a lot of SM videos will be born in this place.

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