Bonded content that is being brushed up forever, this site alone knows all the world of western things SM bondage.

Distribution video number “over 500” The dark and infinitely deep SM play which spreads there is just the deep sea SM.

It is possible to join from any country in the world.
If you have one credit card, it takes about 2 minutes for the procedure to join.
You can enjoy SM movies with unlimited downloads with “uncensored SM movies unlimited” with more than 500 titles.

HARDTIED Extreme and erotic bondage site.

From NY Brooklyn, you will receive the bondage video with the highest quality. You will definitely satisfy.

It is not the case when you are watching the bondage SM Videos, regardless of the Japanese model of your home country.

The SM video of your country may be wonderful, but overseas there are bondage videos with atmosphere and taste that are unique abroad.

This site “Hardtied” is the site of the Intersec group led by Brent Scott, but currently the number of delivered videos has already exceeded 500 titles.

This HARDTIED has reached the present with the long history in mind based on the concept of bondage. The site layout which is almost unchanged from several years, the site design gathered as simple as possible is made up of easy-to-use and intuitive design and interface for users.

Most of the videos delivered within the site are basically made up with about 30 to 45 minutes of playback time, and sometimes longer than 1 hour if it is long. Even if it is a casting model (actress), there are really various women of various races and types. Blond hair, black hair, red head (red hair), brunette (dark brown) .. If there is a model of breast augmented milk, there is also a model of natural milk.
Perhaps you may be looking for SM video or porn model for “America”, but if so you can get almost 90% of all the content you are looking for on this site It is not an exaggeration to say that you can do it. The reason for the remaining 10% is that even though there are plentiful models (actress group) on this site “HRADTIED”, there are cases where you are not looking for the model you are looking for.

But unless it is so, there must be over 500 huge bdsm content on this site that will surely satisfy you.

Make SM movies made in America (NY) more familiar.

Perhaps when you visit this site “HARDTIED”, when you see it while traveling around the actual site .. I think I will do “various findings and awareness”. One of them is a new discovery that “There are such SM movie sites overseas,” and another, “Overseas, as well as your country,” charged SM video “has been distributed in large numbers Although I knew that, I did not stop mind, I did not know the specific content “. In any case it is no doubt that it is a meaningful source for you.

It seems that many Japanese SM users do not know the circumstances of overseas (USA) SM video. I have wanted you to know the existence of ‘overseas, American SM site’ more than Japanese people and SM users in other countries for a long time ago, and I hope you enjoy it. That’s why there is the existence of this site. I do not know how much you know about the overseas (USA) SM industry, but I will take this opportunity to know more about overseas and American SM video sites.

HARDTIED’s SM movie has been filmed and produced far in the USA (New York). A maniac SM movie that continues to be produced every day, with Brent Scott as the “man with the strongest propensity”. Where are the reasons you miss this .. Of course it is your freedom to thru them. However, as mentioned earlier, many Japanese people and SM users in the world countries do not even know the existence of that site before they overlook.
I think that this is truly inconvenient. There is no border in the Internet world. Even if it is a means of enjoying AV pornography, there are no borders. We have an environment where you can instantly access any and all contents around the world, not just SM pornographic sites. So even for SM movie content, it is best to enjoy and taste by using the Internet, the strongest tool, and it is the best and hardest means.

HARDTIED (paid member area)

Simple and easy to use interface.

When joining HARDTIED, there is no big difference in the site layout, design and interface in the members’ area. “FULL VIEW” which displays each scene of each movie title in vertical 3 rows, “Gallery View” which displays only the thumbnail images of each movie, another thumbnail of the movie title on the left side, an overview of the movie on the right side “Brief View” It is possible to switch to these three interfaces.

But HARDTIED also has one weak point. It is “search function” in the global menu. This has been around for so long, but the search function is not very good. Although it is not impossible to search, in some cases the search results may not be displayed on the screen no matter how long it passes. However, each HARDTIED video page has sample images and sample videos, and what kind of content is the video before joining? It is possible to grasp it to a certain extent.

The highest quality SM movie that can be downloaded from the item of the paid member area “File Download Area”.

On each video page there is a “download option” for downloading 3 videos. There is also an option to download a movie scene (image) file as a ZIP (compression) file.
Three video formats are available in the paid member area of ​​HARDTIED. “Highest Quality 2xHD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP 4)” that can watch movies with the highest quality video quality, then “High Quality HD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP 4)”, both of which can watch videos with HD picture quality . Finally, “Download High Quality Mobile Movie (iOS, Android, Mobile.MP4)” for mobile terminals, they are all fine image quality and will not disappoint your expectations.
Highest quality “Highest Quality 2x HD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP 4)” is about perfect movie image quality, so it takes naturally a certain amount of download time. However, regardless of the highest quality video format, you can experience enough quality even in the next lower “High Quality HD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP4)”.

Please check the actual movie image quality with this image.

“Highest Quality 2 x HD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP 4)” of the highest image quality

Below that level “High Quality HD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP 4)”

As you can see, even at the upper level and lower level below it, you can see that the video quality does not change so much to that extent. Of course, downloading speed is slightly longer for 2x HD movies. Let’s download it according to your preference.

HARDTIED video details:
1. “Highest Quality 2 x HD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP 4)”
Frame Width: 1280
Frame Height: 720
Data rate: 7509 kbps
Total bit rate: 7621 kbps
MP4 file

2. “High Quality HD Movie (WMP Compatible. MP4)”
Frame Width: 850
Frame Height: 480
Data rate: 2750 kbps
Total bit rate: 2861 kbps
MP4 file

HRADTIED members’ area (image download)

There are two types of images that can be downloaded, and there are “Scene Photography” that can download scene images of each movie, aside from the play scene in the movie, the model includes images that pose towards the camera “Director’s Picks “There are two types.

Vertical and landscape images are the basis, but in both cases you can enjoy images with a clear image quality with an image size of “795 x 1200 pixels,” resolution 72 dpi. These images can be downloaded by right clicking on “Photography >> Download All Images (. ZIP)” on the movie page of the members area.





“Director’s Picks” containing images other than the play scene in the movie
(It is also possible to display by clicking without downloading the image file)












“Scene Photography” that allows you to download play scene images in videos
(It is also possible to display by clicking without downloading the image file)

Jack Hammer, the principal bondage master at Hardtied.

Finally delivered movie title number exceeded 500 titles “Hardtied” The recording time is as long as 40 minutes to 70 minutes, content level is no problem at all.
There are a few rare black bondage trainers who appear on this site. His name was Jack Hammer, formerly Sid Black and Matt Williams was the center of the bondage and trainer but in his recent Hardtied his name is very prominent.

Mad Williams who is familiar has also appeared, but I feel that this black Jack is conspicuous more or less. He is not only the Insex ‘s SM movie but also the group site and he is a remarkable bondager. He is good at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, he is also a black man, he is ridiculous, and Jack of 180 cm in height is not only tightly tied, but also good at live production fuck play. Even at this site Hardtied, since there are many videos of such contents, it would be nice if you would like to see a scene where women who are tightly bound and detained are fucked by a black men forcibly.

Appearing in a tight binding SM site Hardtied
Beautiful erotic “Bondage Beauties”

The Queen of Anal, Violet Monroe.

Although the breast slightly sags, there are a lot of people who like such breasts … … There is not only SM porn movies, but she is widely active in the US porn industry. Another woman who is anal sex addict is enough to be said to be the queen of anal. Her ass hole is already outstanding in contraction power. She can no longer imagine how many tens of people .., or possibly hundreds of porn actor’s cocks have been accepted into their own anus.

The pictures on the left are very glittery and quite reflective (it looks like a professional photographer with a good skill is shooting it) The real thing is a bit aged but there is a bit of collapse Women who like older women may be just right for those who like it.

Chinese porn actress “ASIA ZO”

She is a girl with unknown identity somewhere. But it is also one of my favorite actresses. Her strongest weapon is not his face, its lovely character and its flesh body. Her tight and youthful tight ‘breasts’ are well suited for bondage. An amateurish atmosphere is also one of her charms. “Hasebe Mari Kaori” which is full of sex appeal is also nice, but Lauri’s daughter’s “ASIA ZO” is also impatient.

And she is the highest tide flowing out of ‘Squirting Musume’ Shaved Pussy.

Perhaps you already know .. “Marica Hase”

She also appeared in this HARDTIED. Recently her SM movie has been uploaded and has been distributed several times in the past, I think that her videos will be delivered regularly from now on. So, if you are a fan of Marica Hase, it might be a good idea to join this site in hopes of them.

I also like her, so I like her or she likes her. Is not that so either? Face is never super beautiful, but it means that pheromone is sticking from the body, that is, it has sex appeal. After all she is a woman who was born to be a porn actress. surely.

Worth joining HARDTIED.

The sight of the bondage torture is unparalleled and intense. Buried the head in the soil, restraint, burning fire, its cruelty is hard enough to go beyond the area of ​​SM porn. And there are also famous SM actresses who often see other sites in the appearance model. This “HARDTIED” led by Intersec is one of the leading porn productions in the U.S., so it is possible to appoint a famous porn actress selling well in the hardcore porn industry.

There are sites that can feel the pleasure of seeing overseas SM sites adequately here.
Membership fee is “$ 55.00” for 30 days. Whether you feel this amount high or not is an individual’s values. Let’s think about the market price of overseas charged SM site. If it says to the results, the United States will be almost, but only a handful of well-known pay SM sites abroad. It is not a mistake to say that the average value of the sites introduced on this website is the market price. Speaking of the cheapest admission fee at the SM site introduced on this website, it is about 3000 yen to 4000 yen so it may be a slightly higher price setting when thinking like this.

However, it is very nonsense to think about only member rates. This “HARDTIED” definitely has a value of $ 55.00 for 30 days. The reason is “Originality of content · Quality of video · Update density · Content volume”. You should be satisfied if you join this site. I guarantee the contents.

Details of HARDTIED:
Membership fee plan
1 month: $ 55.00 (automatic continuing billing)
3 months: $ 105.00 ($ 35.00 per month, Total $ 60.00 bonus / automatic continuing billing)
6 months: $ 180.00 ($ 30.00 per month, Total: $ 75.00 as well / no automatic continuing billing)

Number of distributed videos: 545 titles (as of October 2017)
Update density: 1 degree per week (regular update, there is a sense of stability over several years)


Consider the relevance to foreign exchange which joins the overseas porn site with US dollar.

Although it is certainly “influence of exchange rate, it is impossible to depend on exchange rate at the time of joining”, we adult users are not doing anything such as FX etc, so please check the timing of yen appreciation If you think that you are going to join the adult website, that is not the case. Human libido is supposed to have a sudden element. If you care about it, such as “yen appreciation or yen depreciation”, if that is what you are concerned with when it is a good timing of exchange, “Your crotch may be feeling cold in your crotch” There is no point in this at all.

First of all, let’s think about at the current exchange rate. A few errors are born in the actual settlement fee, but it should not be a big problem.