Excited by the frenzy of homosexual desire. The face of a pretty girl is fitted with a nose hook and a shoulder and it is a miserable face .. make a floor with a lot of white runny nose and saliva.
To two women in a completely restrained state

“Strong crotch blame SM play”

Cast: Tracey Sweet | Sarah Jane Ceylon
Recording time: 29 minutes 53 seconds
Video delivery date: April 19, 2013

A scar on a single swipe hit being carved in a peach butt

Sarah Jane Ceylon
A pink bra, a silly underwear in the green, it is a nasty two people. These two people have a particularly good style.

It is an actress with a name of “Sarah Jane Ceylon and Tracy” who is appearing in this work, I personally think that Tracy is totally cute.

Two women caged. It is a content saying to take out two women who were captured from the cage and to play torture play. Although it is not as intense as torture, these two women “can see a lot of dripping runny nose from the nose, hanging a lot of saliva from the mouth, suffer struggling with struggle.

“Nose Hook Mania” and “Opening Mania” If you fall under these, this movie is surely interesting ..
The face of a woman whose face is being suppressed is really ugly. I watched this video a few years ago. Even now I pulled out this video that I put on the DVD and I am sometimes watching.

These two people are never beautiful but “local (pussy) blame” can be seen in the up picture all the time, not to mention as usual. Sarah like an American prostitute, and Tracy like an ordinary girl in the USA .. Please take a look at the screaming screams that these two people become “foolish face” screaming with Garca.

As I said earlier, they are first “in the cage”. Open the key of the man (Sid) cage and put the two out. The two who are released handcuffs that were put behind will overlap on the table and lick and suck each other’s cunts. But, of course, that is not my will. It is forced to do. I think that the two are probably friends, but it is not a pleasant thing to be caught forcibly by pulling a butt on Sid with a whip.

Pink and green underwear appearance, quite high heel, and pants with skisque. This extremely sexy two costumes will surely be directed, this is cool. Personally I wanted him to continue playing in this sexy underwear figure.

A handcuff was fitted behind the two girls who had their ball gags in their mouths ready for play.
Restrain the two on a wooden restraint and hit a rose whip on the two protruding butts … Play begins.

Sid skillfully scrapes the rose whip of both hands and strikes the butt of the two women. Saliva runs down from the mouth of a woman who is addressed to a nose hook and a shoulder … Whenever it is strongly hit by a rose whip, “Purunpurun” and the meat shake.

Sleeping down the panties, the asss of the two women become dew … At this time Tracy’s hips are usually scattered whether they are spanking in SM play at all times or not.

Sid uses a single whip to throw two ass’s hits several times, In this scene you can see well that every time their ass is beaten the whip is red. From the buttocks to the thighs, you can see in the picture that the part hit with a single whip is “swollen as a line”.

They are like the image below and you can accuse you of “anal and Pussy cake”, that is, crotch, from behind, but their appearance is “fake” themselves.

The moment when the tip of a thick rod sticks into the two women’s pussy.
Spit falling down from the mouth
Plenty of uploading …

But this video. In this scene, the amount of “runny nose and saliva” flowing out of their noses and mouths is not odd. I do not think that you are dirty and I want you to see this scene. Rather, you ought to see such a scene.

Because I am doing a nose hook, “a woman with a stupid face” But when I tried removing the nose hook, it is beautiful two people over there.
However, as you can see, the faces of the two girls are indeed in an irregular appearance.

Sid clips clip to Sara’s nipple.

And the two begin to caress each other. I will lick the groin.

To the last play when it comes to the latter half of the movie · · ·
“Sarah is suspended from directly above”. At last, I understood the meaning of the title “Flesh Circus” of this movie. It is a scene that reminds me of the aerial acrobat on the circus.

Sid clamps the hook to the nipple of the woman who is lying on her back on the back and also clips the clip to Sarah’s nipple, and the two nipple clips are connected by a string.

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