A woman who is raped in the shade of a miscellaneous forest-European humiliation porn

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Fatal Shortcut Part 2
Distribution site: ADULT TIME adult time
Appearance: Sophie Links
Recording time: Approximately 27 minutes 43 seconds
Play word: Raw insertion SEX, forced deep throat, restraint, finger fuck


Sophie was forced to be restrained and raped by a man who met in the forest.

If two women get “stuck” in an unpopular place, there is at least some danger. If it is a safe country in Japan, it will be a little different if it is a European country. This work is a work of one of Europe’s leading humiliation porn sites “Dominated Girls”.

Dominated Girls was originally a network site called “21SEXTREME”, an independent paid porn site, but now (August 2019) it is completely under the umbrella of the super-paid adult network “Adult Time” and the contents of “Adult Time Network” (Channel) This area is a bit confusing, so don’t think too much about it here: Check out the paid porn site “Adult Time Description” explained by Ranmaru.

While Sophie and Kera, women in their thirties, are driving on a road surrounded by unpopular forests, unfortunately, the car stalls and calls for help over the phone. It looks bad and the phone is not connected. In the face of a major car breakdown, the two become confused and stunned in the car. However, a dubious middle-aged male duo who finds the situation of the two from the shade of the trees. One large man restrains Sophie, one of the women, with a rope and takes him in the shade of the tree and raps him daringly.

One of the channels of this adult time network “Dominated Girls” is a porn video channel that specializes in humiliation that is relatively rare overseas.

If you are a SM lover and are not satisfied with bondage or restraint play alone, and you want to enjoy “ production fuck scene ” together with bondage and restraint play, this “ Dominated Girls ” is a super recommended porn site It becomes. In terms of image, it will be close to that “In Sex group site: Sexuallly Broken”.

Of course, it will be a completely uncensored video. Although this work is undoubtedly a humiliation video, the story is not so elaborate. However, it is a content that can be fully enjoyed as one of the many Dominated Girls videos in terms of committing a woman in a place where no one is watching and fully spilling her sexual desire into a woman’s pussy. .

However, if you think about this work alone, the whole picture of Dominated Girls can only be seen vaguely, but if you look at the whole picture, how content of this Dominated Gilrs humiliates a woman You can see if it is filled with content that will dominate. So I think that this work can be regarded as one of the Dominated Girls works that are currently distributed over 261 titles.

As of August 2019, the female “Sophie Links”, who suffers from damage, is also the age of 35 years old. A native of Hungary, she has a long nose, thin nose, thin lips, and a vivid atmosphere that makes her feel like a celebrity housewife. She is restrained and unable to move, and the man is thoroughly conquered. She broke down and lost her way with her accompanying woman, “Keira,” and “does a field” on the spot. Then, after pouring the urine, wiping the pussy, raising the panties, and raising the face suddenly, a small dirty middle-aged man stood in front of his eyes. She was surprised to open her eyes wide and run a war on her back, but at that time, she was already violent by a man at “Let’s be late” and tied up with a rope.


However, in this work, the places to be tied are not projected. The screen will change immediately, and Sophie will be restrained with both hands and feet and struggling. Sophie desperately tries to escape from restraint rope hell. However, it goes without saying that a tightly bound rope is not a big deal. There is no way to do it. The man tears off her T-shirt with sharp scissors. No, is it more appropriate to express “cut” than to cut…? In other words, the area around the nipple is cut round. At that moment, her nipples suddenly appear, and the man hangs on her nipples. After that, promise, shift the panties down and pour out “finger”.

After that, it’s a “raw insertion rape storm”. Do you expect an exciting restraint fuck scene? If so-this work will greatly meet that expectation. A scream of “Women’s Car” from the speakers on both sides of the computer.

“Shit, be quiet –” the man puts his right index finger in front of his mouth, silences the woman, and forcibly pushes the pink panties into the woman’s mouth.

The woman repeats a small whispering in small increments. What will it be like when a woman who has been victimized by a thief is driven to the extreme of desperation? Will you decide to devote yourself to the demons? Surely, it may not be killed as long as it is a man’s statement, and it becomes an outlet and sacrifice of the man’s desire. Is it more than being killed on the spot even if you have to hurt your heart and live your life later? This reminds me of the rape cases that are actually happening in Japan and abroad. It might be quite exaggerating to say that … This is just entertainment and is just an erotic video. You will not enjoy it with such a serious feeling.

I don’t know if you are interested in rape-related videos, the so-called “humiliation-based videos” in Japan, but the only thing I can say clearly is that, unlike Japan, overseas, the US includes Europe. And the genre of rape is a “legal” genre. In other words, even in the vast overseas porn industry, pornographic sites that distribute videos of the genre “rape” are extremely rare. Certainly, the boundary line there is very vague, and what is positioned as “rape”? It has no clear break. It is this KINK.COM network, In Sex, and this Dominated Gilrs. In this work, when the actress Sophie is committed by a man, “posture position” and “side posture” are recorded. Instead of anal insertion, it will be “Omanko insertion”. The finish is not cum shot but “facial cumshots”. I have said many times so far, but unlike Japan, there is no basic “creampie” in overseas pornography. Please take a look at the ending of a woman who was ruled by a tyrant who suddenly appeared in the body and was driven by the feelings of sadness and sorrow.

This video is distributed on the paid porn video site “ADULT TIME Adult Time”.
Ranmaru explains in detail.

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