Caught to be Used Part One
Delivery site: InfernalRestraints
Cast: Dia Zerva
Recording time: 34 minutes 51 seconds
Video delivery date: July 24, 2009

Flame of fire on the soles of the feet, burning and pressing the tip of the burned bar against the sole of the woman … … authentic torture play …

A woman sticking out his butt from the gap between a cage and a grid. PD to fuck it

This video is part 1.
A so-called confinement, a woman in prison. It is content to do torture play with that woman in prison.

It is a content of a woman who is trapped in a cage like a cell like “thoroughly blame the foot sole and anal.”
I really burn a stick with a fire. Play is serious too. On the way, there is a scene where a lighter ‘s fire is sprayed with alcohol – containing spray and a woman’ s soles are cooked with fire.
It is recommended for those who want to see genuine torture play.

1. A woman in a cell.
This video is not a setting to abduct a woman somewhere and put it in a prison, but a woman is in prison from the beginning. The woman has already arrested both arms, desperately asking for help by saying “Hello … !!!”. But there are no signs of people around and no response.

Women held a urge to take off their pants by themselves and urinate a bucket in a prison.

A woman feels uneasy and empty expression …

Never take a woman out of a prison but play on a grill of iron.

In this part 1, a woman never goes out of prison. Everything is done by a grill of iron.
First of all, I fixed the woman ‘s leg to the iron grid with a wire, and Mr. PD licked the woman’ s soles. Next, he pokes or throws his feet at the tip of Kane.

There is always “iron grill” between blame and blame, during which time things like frustration and “dilemma” intrigue this excitement. In the latter half of the video, “Woman sticks out the ass with iron girls, raw fuck” there.

Place a fire on the tip of a thin rod and wear the soles of a woman …

The top play is “foot solar play”. Mr. PD puts a “fire” on the tip of the thin rod he had.
And the tip of the woman’s feet …
This is truly, mostly in contact with the sole of the woman’s foot. This “foot sole” part in the human body is a strong part to the heat because the skin is made considerably thick.
A woman puts a look of pain on the heat, and tolerates it.

In addition, fire burning with a flame on fire

Mr. PD gets a spray on one hand and ignites the fire while injecting the liquid in it. Instantaneously flames burn vigorously and attack the woman’s soles. In Sex is good at extincting fire-fighting play, but it has existed to say burning play from this era.

And this time “stun gun” → Continuing with forced fellatio. These are also iron gratings.

The next highlight is the stun gun electric shock hit “spread the woman’s anus with wire” from the left and right.
Mr. PD carefully massages the girl’s anus with the fingers, loosens it, then “inserts from behind.
(However, as far as the video is seen, I think that this is not inserted in anal, but inserted in pussy)

This maniac play. Stun gun / small vibe .. Other various play videos that silently blame a woman trapped in a prison will last about 34 minutes. However, if you are watching a movie such as 34 minutes it will be in a flash.
There is “Part 2” in this work which keeps blaming a captive woman silently. “Part 2” will move on to more maniac play. There is an abnormal world that can not be understood by ordinary men reflected there. It is an old movie in 2009, but this video made for mania is perfect for your maniac SM collection.


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