Pouty Pain Slut
Arabelle Raphael Jack Hammer
Distribution site: HARDTIED
Actress: Araber · Raphael
Recording time: 1 hour 05 minutes 29 seconds
Video delivery date: July 15, 2015
Playword: breastbound, nipple pinch, single whip

An elegant feeling lady can hurt the breast with a rope


This is not limited to SM pornstars, but even overseas porn actresses are unusual actresses, when you are talking normally, everyone is very friendly and there are many actresses that are very friendly and personally personable.
If Araber · Raphael appearing in this movie of this time is also a very nice older sister and if it is compared to a Japanese general woman, the atmosphere like a married woman in the late 40s walking in the Japanese Musashi Oyama shopping district is.
In this work, she uses her own breasts (breasts) and shows us a splendid “breastfeeding”.
Even though she will show it, she is simply tying her tits with rope, but her milk is milk that is originally drooling, even if you look at her regular breasts (breasts) I do not want to touch or even milk so I want to lick it. Her drooping milk is milk to be bound with a rope.

Araber answering interview with a full smile,

How long can a breast compressed with rope endure .. it is her task for this day

As a content of a video, there is a bit of interview scene for her at first. Is it her wearing casual clothes, at this time I am still wearing blue clothes and I feel like a woman around here.
Perhaps if ordinary people see only this scene, I can hardly imagine that this woman will be playing SM tied up now.
When play starts, she is already tied up and is lying on the floor.
A jack there appears, use a long stick a few times to tap her body lightly, then tighten her neck lightly and push the cloth out into the mouth. She shows a slightly uneasy look.

Then lay her in a tied state on the floor and lie down with a single whip. Jack ‘s whirling whip hits the shin of her tied legs, along with the bending sounds of Hyun Hyun.
The whip corresponds to her legs several times, but some of them are struck by powerfully.

Next, her tight-bound body is lifted further from directly above. Jack brings out electric waves, pushes into the gap between her crotch and the floor, turns on the power and stimulates it.
Electric power stimulates her crotch, and at the same time electricity is transmitted to the floor, “Garger” sounds dull in the room.
After this, the play of the torture in this scene is over, she is released from the troublesome clothing in the mouth and the electric power corruption, but it is not over yet.

Three weights will further stress the neck and breast.

With 23 minutes past the video “The Chair” with the telop she is already in bondage. What is different from the previous one is that she is naked. Her breasts are bound rope pretty tightly. The color has already changed color and is purple. She is digging tattoos around her arms and thighs, but she seems to be very well with her skin color and the tattooed pattern color, which is very purple with her breasts. This is perfect for the color scheme.
She said that she is a middle-aged woman like Musashi Koyama’s elegant wife, but when you look closely at the face you can see a pretty beautiful face, pretty beautiful face, style is also good .. other than drooping breasts is unexpectedly attractive It is a woman, in fact ..

Any chaotic tree chair like everywhere, she is bound to this tree’s chair together with the body.
Jack will lightly beat her lower abdomen on the left. Although it does not seem to be playing so strongly in video, she seems to desperately stand up to this hungry while repeating “ok! .. ok! ..”.
By the way, I think that there is a video that is a theme of “belly punching” against girls with violent videos of a bit overkill in Japan. Well it does not matter how it is compared to it, this is about.
After this, Jack ties her bound purple milk tightly further, and this time it continues to beat as many times as many times with a rose whip. Every time a whip hits her breasts, a violent sound sounds like an “echo” in the playroom.

She was wearing a chewing gum tape. Milk is as purple as ever and it is in a state of no remnant. Her milk apparently seems to complain of a silent cry. Jack ‘s whipping flap further spurs and hits a number of times with a whip to her, restrained and sitting in a chair.

And Jack is going to stimulate her crotch with a weight this time as to what he thought. A jack that pushes the rattling weight against the groin and her crot ..
Actually, this weight is a weight prepared to put more load on her bound breasts. Jack wraps around the neck of her neck and the tip of the rope wrapped around both nipples through the iron ring lowered from the ceiling and ties the weight to the tip of the rope which it has passed. The two weights will give a load to her both breast completely.

Breast breasts on the torture table, catching up nipples clip pinching and pulling ..

It’s about 47 minutes past the movie, when her breasts scream further from here.
Her arms are tied up, but the breasts are free from rope. However, her breasts, which have been tightly bound up, are exhausted as they see it, they are in a state of no remission. Such unrelated breasts are plundered on the torture table. Even though it is choking, it does not mean that it is crushed from above. Originally drooping her breast which became Yoreyore by tying her breasts only seems to be like “chopsticks” just by getting on the torture table.

Like this, her breasts seem to be exhausting at first sight, but it may be surprisingly tough.
Because after that, her “nipples with a cord” are caught in both nipples and pulled further forcefully. Jack again began to knock her legs with Kane.
I hit not only the legs but also the buttocks, and electric shoulder crotch blame.

This work is consistent with the play contents, but it felt in a while until it is over but there are about one hour recording time once. Most of the ups of the crotch (local) and up (anal) are rare.
This work is like a work for those who want to see “Breast Push-Pull Purple Transformed Breast”.

This work can be seen at SM torture movie site “HARDTIED”.

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Distribution video number “over 500” The dark and infinitely deep SM play which spreads there is just the deep sea SM.

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