Dirty CoEd | Asia Zo | Jack Hammer
Distribution site: HARDTIED
Recording time: 50 minutes 01 seconds
Video delivery date: June 10, 2015
Play Words: Electric Wreck, Squirting, Tying, Mouth Gummedape, Electric Torture Stand

Chinese daughter who is walking in the Japanese shopping district showed a very sensual SM scene.

Chinese porn actress “ASINA ZO” .. She is Asian (Chinese female). I think she is a very normal and clever woman. At the beginning of this video, there is a scene where she is writing a letter to someone. And in the letter it is written as follows. (English)

I want you to catch me off ground, tie me up in ropes,
different positions, and start touching me,
maybee you should call me a little Slut by Slapping me on the face,

In the picture she is writing this letter with a laugh, but when I saw her innocent sight, I felt very pretty. The face is an ordinary face, and she is very ordinary. “ASIAN ZO lady” who is never busy but can not be said to be a beautiful woman .. The author was the first time to see SM movies she appeared. I also dislike the country of China, but I do not dislike Chinese women (in the case of thinking as a porn actress to the last)

She appeared in an underground SM movie site called HARDTIED. This video “Dirty Coed” must be a good quality material for you too “Masturbation Material”.
However, I will explain in advance that there is no misunderstanding, but there is no SEX scene in this work.

An obscene letter that provokes a man .. When she is writing this letter it will be found in “Jack Hummer”. She notices that Jack is behind her, she makes me embarrassed in a hurry, but her face is smiling. Jack picks up the letter and reads it, but smiles at its obscene contents.

Jack knows that she is an M woman and has the desire to bind herself with rope and mess it up and she starts tying up her body as she wishes. She is laughing even at this time with her innocent personality. SM movie, but it’s a stubborn production, but the Intersec group’s SM movie has devised such a fine point. It may be a simple trivial idea if you think about it, but such trivial points are also unexpectedly unexpected in pornographic videos …

ASIAN ZO There is no unnecessary pussy hair on her “There is a sense of transparency, such a glamorous body” is the main dish tonight.

Checked mini skirt on a light blue tank top, face is in line, overall appearance is mediocre. As far as comparing to Japan she is a girl who is likely to be walking even at “Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street” in Shinagawa. But that is good.

It seems to be luxurious in some ways to see the scenery where such a daughter plays SM play like “everything is like a normal amateur strange girl.” It’s about 50 minutes to record this movie.
She is laughing at first at first, but her upper body is tied up, and its expression changes after the rope begins to eat into her crotch. White panty as a meaty “thigh” .. And “helpless butt” probably her system is “the system preferred by a typical Japanese boy”. It is never too thin, and the reasonable fitness can be said to be the ideal form of a woman who wants to hold him any more. I want you to watch the video of this Chinese woman “ASIAN ZO” by all means.

If you see this SM movie, you may be tempted by the urge to find SM pornography she is appearing.

The figure of her tied up. Her breasts coming out of between the ropes have unexpectedly “good shape”. I saw this movie and I liked her all together. However, it seems that there are not so many SM videos that she appears. From now on, this is my expectation.

In this SM movie, she is sealed with cloth and lying on his back on the floor and can be blamed for electricity, but at this point it will not laugh innocently. She is ecstasy feels blamed for electricity in her groin. (About 18 minutes of video has passed at this point)

From such a thing, it was “The sea viewing from the side of the panties with the electric power corruption scene” and “The tide overflowing a lot from her cheers” that made the wrist’s crotch hot at this time.
Oh yeah, with this electric scourge scene she makes a squirting from her groin, in large amounts ..
This is one of the highlights of this video correctly. She seals her mouth with a big pant voice, but that pant voice is also somewhat distinctive and very good. She has “amateur smell” anywhere.

Scenes change once around 20 minutes past the video. The shooting camera shows her behind her naked and restrained in the chair diagonally above. She is very beautiful naked. This moderate sense of volume is sosori. First of all, my skin is beautiful .. It is ridiculous. As long as you see the image, it is a beautiful shin. (Maybe doing hair treatment ..)

And another, because it is overseas SM pornography, she is a pussy without hair. In the middle of the movie, she lifts one foot and jacks her soles of his feet. She is caught in the sole and regains her innocent laughing face. I noticed seeing around here, but she is a woman who does not need shinuma treatment. In other words, it is a type that fundamentally does not grow shiny hair without shaving. I can understand it if you look at the picture. The shin of a woman who is treating shiny hair tends to stand out not less than a few pores .. (It is not separately adhered to the shinobi, but I also look carefully at this place as well)

A chair filled with overflowing “tides”.

Pushing the cloth into the mouth, she can blame the pussy with a small vibrator. A narrow tip of a vibrate stimulating bilberries and groin. In this scene, one whip is beaten at the same time. She raises a voice of grief, and her “pussy” is up at this time. Her pussy that has appeared in hardcore pornography movies a lot seems like “Very pussy used enough to see it”.

It was beaten with a rose whip, and here again “Electric power shield scene” .. Here is the second highlight scene from here. And here again she will “blow the tide” .. Is it better to “hang” rather than blow? Transparent liquid spreads in the chair where she is sitting. She is easy to get wet and squirting, she makes me waist and blows the tide.
The shooting camera will zoom in on her crotch and show up image of her groin.

In the last minute she crashed.

Videos 40 past, here also the scene change.
The image of the vibrating power “ON” is reflected and she is put on the motorized torture table. After jacking her whole body with a rose whip, Jack skillfully manipulates the switch of the vibration of the tortoise base, raising and lowering it. She is tied up with a mouth and eyes with rope, and at this point there is no more innocence of her face anymore. At the end of the video, both nipples are pinched by clips and pulled with a thin string. This video is a work that her “serious mode” is very prominent.

She is a daughter like a different person in the last stage. She will be seen as a very silly woman who is bound with her face with a rope. She is riding over the torture table and getting out of trouble. But it can not end here. As expected … her clips are caught in her nipples, and she gets agony due to pain and suffering. I’m downloading HARDTIED videos like I do on a daily basis. When I saw this video, I was convinced that “This is a movie that everyone likes.” Let ‘s have a lot of fun with her disorder.

The last interview scene after movie shooting is over.

She responds to an interview that she smiles an innocent smile like the first time. You can see her appearance of her eyes like an innocent girl is far from the SM play and so on. She reads obscure letters that I first wrote for myself and laughed. This video is a super recommendation work.

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Dirty Coed
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