No Escape
woman who caught escaping, escaping.

Distribution site: HARDTIED
Cast: Alina West Alina West
Recording time: 1 hour 11 minutes 56 seconds
Two women who are driving in the mountains and two cars that are stalled … The women who are driving will enter the forest and try to find a national road and ask for help ..
HARDTIED masterpiece movie drawn by a series of stories of forest abduction conviction play.
Playword: abduction, restraint, rape


Are you interested in SM videos with stories? If there is, this work “No Escape There is no escape place” is an excellent compatibility with what you are seeking.

I think that it was a very well done work. In overseas SM works there are videos composed simply of play and videos with strong stories, but this work is exceptional story preeminent work. The site that is delivering is “HARDTIED”, but there are several works with strong stories in this site. This “No Escape” is also one of them, but it may be said that it is a masterpiece which is particularly remarkable.

A woman who was “captured” for three weeks at a private house in the mountain.

Starring porn actress: Miss Alina West Alina West
I am 23 years old, originally from California State (Oxnard) on March 18, 1995. Blond hair, race: Caucasian, Pisces / Young system in baby face, without breast augmentation surgery, the face is ten people, but the baby system likes an unbearable actress.

The picture starts with the scene where the damaged woman (Alina) which is the last scene of this work escapes from the private house being captured. As I will explain from the end, this work is the content that “No Escape can not be done anywhere, there is no escape”, as the title No Escape shows. So, a woman who was captured for three weeks will be caught eventually in the end as well.
This work is a series of a series of women (the protagonist Alina West) arrested in a mountain, confined to a private house, arrested by a rope, and restrained by a black man who is the criminal It is m contents that flow can be appreciated over about 1 hour. Mr. Alina, who can not escape in the end and will be confined again.

Three weeks before that event
The two ladies are driving by the car in the mountains. Suddenly the car will be stalled at that time. A car that has run out of engines. Female passenger woman says to open bonnet to driving Alina and to confirm it, apparently Alina does not seem to be too familiar with the car so it can not open middle hood.
Opening the bonnet You released the lock from the car and you can safely open the bonnet, but when you check inside, the battery is completely raised.
A woman on the front passenger seat told Alinna through the forest that he will probably see the national road ahead. After hearing it, Alina comes in to the deep into the forest and finds the national highway, but I confirm that the distance is too far. Alina, who was at a loss, finds water bottles and foods that were inadvertently placed in the forest at that time.

However, the behavior of that alina was “seeing a suspicious man (Jack Hammer)” all the time from the back.

From here the captivity story of the tragedy begins.

The recording time of this work is a little over an hour. In this scene, Alina is caught by the hand of the man who approaches behind, and is caught by the rope, and it is taken away to the man’s house (confinement room) afterwards.

“Conviction story” which is common in Japanese AV .. It is often said that girls’ students on their way home are abducted, or when they are kidnapped by a dark alley back home while they go home .. There are many such situations, If you are enjoying Japanese captivity AV movies like this, occasionally it is not bad to watch these similar overseas (USA) confinement SM movies. Although it is made up of the same theme of “confinement”, the atmosphere is different between Japan and the United States there, and you think that you can enjoy it in a completely different sense from the viewpoint of watching usual confinement videos I will.

Miss Alina who has escaped his accomplice’s accomplice.

After Jack attacks and restrains Alina, he takes out a knife and cuts his clothes. When her clothes were torn, her breast was exposed, but for the first time I knew she was a no bra.
And for the time the man sucks her breasts and tastes its taste.
A man braces the crotch, throws the hip, and after enjoying play to some extent, this time she drags her to the car with a rope and drags.

After this, she will be given the chance to flee.

Jack goes into the depths of the forest to find “tree branches” of length and thickness convenient for hitting her body, whether Jack is not satisfied with blaming her. “The woman being restrained can not escape ..” I think that the man was like that. But it was a man’s miscalculation in a way. Alina scrapes the body around which the rope is wrapped around the car and finally succeeds in unraveling the rope .. And escape.

Alina, who managed to escape from the place somehow, wears a piece of jacket taken from the car when escaping, and runs through the forest without being caught. And she finds a certain private house and asks for help.

But this was also a luck .. It seemed like a normal lady who seized her asking for help by intensely knocking on the limit door, but this lady was the culprit (Jack’s wife) .

In other words, although she escaped the crisis, it is more than she escaped to the human house, the conspiracy of the culprit (Jack).
The lady in this house hands a cup filled with a glass of water to Alina seeking help. She ran through the forest and was thirsty, but she drinks the water of the cup at once, but the cup was mixed with medicine.
She falls on the spot by the action of medicine and loses consciousness.

And Miss Alinna again became captive.

Jack succeeded in capturing her escaping her again. The house Alina is again restrained and lies on the living sofa. And a rape rape game like a nightmare will be held.
Jack first inserts the restrained girl into the cunt from the back and then fucks her lying on her back and inserting it in the normal position. Other scenes such as compulsive deep throat are included in this scene.
I think that you can see if you see the picture, Jack’s penis is black so it’s natural, but the thickness is quite thick.
Jack’s wife is not particularly involved in this restraint rape scene. Jack will rape all the way silently, Mr. Alina who is suffering agony.

However, Miss Alina, desperate to escape, will succeed in escaping from the confinement hell again from the selfish door of the house the next morning after this restraint rape, and escape.
After leaving the private house which is a mansion house, she will run out on the public road and run, but fortunately one car going through her is ..
She soon asks the driver of this car for help and enters the car.
However, the man (Matt Williams) who was driving this car is actually an accomplice of Jack.
At last it seemed as if she succeeded in escaping this time again, she will be brought to the confinement house again by car .. The movie is ended in this scene.
Somewhat, the way of the last catching is a bit aggressive feeling, and if I make it from the flow of the story up to then it does not feel like a little stuff is sweet, but that part is a porn movie after all. It is not a movie. Well this way of finishing would be nice.


I think that it is very good to see story characteristics in SM works in the world. I also love story-oriented SM works. Even in the country called “America”, there are several sites in this industry called SM pornography that distribute videos that are elaborated as “stories” like this work, and whose contents are fancy.
One of them is this work “No Escape” and it is a site called “HARDTIED”.

Not all of HARDTIED’s delivered works have narratives, but there are many other works (movies) that are stuck in this story. Regardless of the theme of “confinement”, if a woman feels excited by a series of “abduction, confinement, rape”, this “No Escape” is a rape story of detention confinement rape staged in America, which is a vast land, You can immerse yourself a lot.

No Escape can not escape
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