Full description of ADULT TIME-Supernova in the porn industry

It can longer be called Netflix in the overseas porn industry

Introduction At the beginning.
It can be said that ADULT TIME has revolutionized the paid porn industry.


Until now, speaking of the overseas porn industry, it was just possible to show videos that are Bakobako SEX in the dark clouds. Unlike the Japanese adult video of “Nandemo Ali”, the difference was obvious when comparing Japanese adult videos with adult videos in Europe, America and Europe.

Like Japan in Japan, there are no videos that were created by squeezing out ideas, and there are few videos that include extraordinary ideas like Japanese projects. There weren’t many videos focusing on spy-themed action items and violent crimes such as rape, molesting, and abduction confinement.
However, with the advent of this paid porn video site “ADULT TIME adult time”, the concept up to now has been completely overturned.

I was fascinated by ADULT TIME adult time.

I think that this is one of the reasons why many Japanese dislike Western pornography, the so-called “blonde foreigner porn videos”. Of course, that’s not all. Another possible reason is that many foreign pornographic actresses, mainly American and British women, have “artificial boobs like a balloon”, and even more so than a cute Japanese AV actress. I don’t think there is any sensuality in the cocoon. Furthermore, I think that Western women and European women who are open to SEX have a tendency to be free, and that they can hardly feel embarrassment when performing the act of SEX. The

Certainly it may be. Actually I think so, and I have always thought so.
I feel that most Japanese men, that is, the majority of men, have the ideal image of “beautiful and cute” on their faces, but do not seek perfection in terms of body.

The body that many Japanese men seek for AV actresses and gravure idols is a woman of chubby type 〟who is fluffy to some extent, even though it likes big breasts, it is a Tomahawk class like a foreign pornstar It shouldn’t be a big boobs. Who is excited to see such boobs … Who wants to suck such bomb-class boobs … Of course, I agree with me. If you have ever felt such a sense of incompatibility with foreign pornography, I am the same as you.

But even so. Do not mistake one here. There are as many stars in the United States and England as porn stars. Even though Japan’s population is about 120 million as of 2019, if you compare the number of Japanese AV actresses with the number of American and British pornographic actresses, that is no more than that. There are a lot of porn actresses who are penetrating natural milk, not fake milk like Japanese AV actresses. Surely you just don’t know. I know to hurry. It’s not a genre of “hardcore porn”, but a nude site. In the so-called “gravure” genre in Japan, the majority or all of the models are natural milk, and they are ordinary girls and women.
However, what they can say in common is that there is a fundamental difference between Japanese AV actresses and Japanese women, that is, there is a big difference in the system. To put it simply, it’s a perfect body that can’t find the shortcomings of flaws, whether it’s hardcore porn or nude models.

Whether it is good or too much. It may depend on your subjectivity and preferences. However, I think most Japanese men aren’t attracted to the “perfect body like a mannequin doll”.

surely. I understand that feeling well.
But here is one argument. I am not proud of myself, “Ranmaru”, the administrator of this website, but I have already watched paid adult videos for over 20 years. I have enjoyed all sorts of erotic videos. That includes not only Japanese adult videos but also foreign products from overseas. But if anything, there are still more Japanese adult videos, or maybe half. I don’t know that clearly. But one thing can be said clearly here. I already feel a little tired of AV with Japanese AV actresses. I feel so recently. Normal AV, SM, voyeur, rape, school girls, and married women / mature women. I’m already watching various genres of AV. How many adult videos have I seen so far? I don’t understand even myself.

So now what I want to say here is that I’ve started to look more at foreign pornography than ever before. But that’s not the beginning. In fact, this website “Fukami SM” was launched with the concept of introducing overseas SM videos. Almost ten years have passed since the establishment. So, I’m familiar with overseas porn videos, but of course it was a long time ago.

But the other day I knew the existence of this paid porn site “ADULT TIME Adult Time” and suddenly spurred my commitment to the overseas porn site.

This paid porn site “AULT TIME” was opened in the first half of 2018. In other words, a year has not yet passed (as of July 2019), but many overseas porn site review sites have been highly evaluated. That is faster than the famous “Reality Kings” and “Brothers”. An overwhelming content volume that surpasses the others, and a group of works with outstanding storylines that are unparalleled among foreign porn sites that have as many stars. It’s no longer just an erotic video. In other words, should I say “an erotic movie that is not an erotic video”?

Anyway, the impression that you have had in overseas pornography until now, if you pass through it, you can say that it is a considerable loss. This is no doubt.

I will explain the reason carefully to you and explain it.

Summary of ADULT TIME

I really like movies as well as adult videos. So I often watch movies while watching adult videos. Most of them are mystery films such as suspense and horror movies. I often used Hulu and DMM rentals.

I love to immerse myself in the story. That’s why I love being immersed in the world of imaginative and creative creation created in the imaginary space, fantasies, and delusions. Such personality and my own preference for the nature of the image have a natural influence on “adult video viewing”.

So, for me, it can be said that Japanese adult videos with a great storyline match their tastes in a sense (depending on the work)

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Japanese adult videos that have elaborate story settings. I think that you understand enough. However, as mentioned above, in the case of overseas pornography, there have been very few videos that satisfy the conditions.

However, with the introduction of “ADULT TIME Adult Time” introduced this time, the concept was blown away.

Does the paid porn site “Adult Time” sound a little exaggerated if you say that it is a treasure trove of pornographic Hollywood movies that go beyond the domain of pornographic videos?
But I don’t think this is an overstatement.
Even if you don’t join, you can find out by just accessing the website and watching a sample video. There you can see trailer images like American and British movies.
seeing is believing. I think that you have been deceived for the time being. There’s a sensual, fantastic and exciting world that doesn’t seem like a mere porn video. Without a joke, there is almost no doubt that you will get addicted once you see it.
If you want to express a porn video site called Adult Time in a single bite, the expression “Netflix Netflix in the net industry” comes the most.

ADULT TIME is very different from other paid porn sites.

How did you feel about “adult time” after reading the article so far?
I don’t know what kind of impression you have about foreign western pornography, the so-called Western pin, but for the time being it is better to get rid of that concept.
Assuming that you joined the adult time, what kind of video do you think is waiting for you when you start playing the video immediately?
If you think that foreign men come out and say “Hello Hello” or “Hey Hey” like an ordinary foreign-style hardcore pornography, and then an exciting Bakobako SEX will start …
That is a big mistake.

The first thing you see is the beginning of the epic story that begins and the scene of the intro.
It starts from there. You will surely forget the sensation of watching porn videos, and you will feel as if you are watching an overseas suspense movie or a mysterious TV drama. By the way, I was so.
You might think that’s why, but no other site delivers porn videos with such elaborate content. Despite the huge number of paid porn sites around the world.
Also pay attention to the quality of the video content. It makes you feel like you’re watching a Hollywood movie. This is by no means exaggerated or overexpression. You can see that by looking at it. You will surely agree with me.

In other words, this “ADULT TIME adult time” that suddenly appeared like a nova in the first half of 2018 can be said to have revolutionized the world of paid pornography in cyberspace.
Adult time has been driven to the corner of the internet until now, and has succeeded in providing a new way to enjoy porn videos in the online entertainment industry, bringing a new twist to the genre of pornography, which has been a shady place. You can say.
“ADULT TIME Adult Time” is becoming a pioneer in the Internet industry. That day should not be so far away.

A collection of over 50,000 threats distributed by ADULT TIME.

This is an impossible number. You may not be able to get that right, but there is no other site that delivers more than 50,000 video titles on one site. This is amazing. And that’s right. While delivering such an overwhelming volume of content, the price range is very reasonable. Cost performance is definitely good.

And not only that. This paid porn site “Adult Time” is overwhelming not only in the number of videos but also in quality. That is “4K video” distribution.
4K video is different from conventional full HD (2K) video, and it is super high image quality, high accuracy, and large screen video that goes on top of it. Speaking of the highest image quality of paid adult videos so far, including Japan, “Full HD (2K) videos” was the mainstream. That said, there are certainly paid porn sites that still incorporate this 4K video. And it is also true that they are increasing little by little. However, the number is still small. The video capacity will be quite large due to the high image quality, but it can be solved if you prepare your own hard disk environment or brand media in advance. Anyway, you can’t miss the point that you can watch porn videos with this beautiful and vivid colors and shades that can be seen in the face wrinkles, skin texture and details.

ADULT TIME theme and concept

First of all, what is the main concept of this adult time site? I think you first questioned there.
This adult time only delivers such a large amount of videos, and the genre is not clearly defined in one. There are a great variety. If the theme of the site is not part and pornographic videos of various genres are riddled, you may feel a little uncomfortable, but conversely, the total number of titles exceeds 50,000 works That’s because it’s a huge amount of content. It is impossible to distribute 50,000 videos in one genre.
To put it the other way around, for example, even if you are concerned with one genre (SM, anal sex, etc.), there are enough volumes because the underlying number is 50,000 titles. Or even before that, even if you desperately look at the video over a long period of time, it is impossible to see all the vast videos of 50,000.

To add to this, one of the characteristics of adult time is that it is a “network site that gathers the contents of various famous pornographic sites”. A network site is a site where the video content of multiple porn sites is fused, as well as the original video delivered by a single porn site. In other words, a network pornographic site usually refers to a site where you can enjoy the contents of other pornographic sites at the same time as you join the site.

That said, you don’t have to think so deeply about it. Even though the video works of other famous porn sites are merged into adult time, they are all posted and distributed on the adult time site, so you won’t be confused There is none.


A category that is uniquely deeply categorized into genres.

The adult time category is slightly different from other porn sites.
There are categories such as “Gonzo, Orgy, and Lesbian” that are common in many other porn sites, but there are other categories such as “Horror, Takeout, Police, Revenge”. If you look at this area, you can see that it’s a porn site that doesn’t consist of just a fuck scene. In addition to the video categories that are categorized specifically in this way, they are also classified by the site names of various pornographic sites that were finalized during adult time.

And what should be noted is “4K video”.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a 4K video, but it’s beautiful and vivid. There is something that looks amazing. In Japan, this 4K video is gradually spreading, and there are several 4K videos on the famous Japanese adult video site DMM. However, it is mostly biased towards VR (virtual reality) and not pervasive in many genres.
The fine and delicate skin and sensation of an overseas porn actress who shows off her beautiful naked body to the fullest. Why don’t you enjoy plenty of unique skin texture that is transparent to Japanese women?

SEX videos are not the only videos distributed during adult time.

You may have already understood that adult time is composed of many famous pornographic video sites. There are many sites that use this network method for other paid pornographic sites, but the difference between this adult time and other network sites is even covered by videos of “other super popular porn sites”. It is a point.
Some of the video content of adult time content includes videos from super popular porn sites that you may be able to distribute up to this site.
There are others such as “21Sextreme, 21Sextury, Devil ’s Film”, but there are these. All sites are popular porn sites that are famous overseas. What’s more, every video on these sites has thousands of titles. This is pretty amazing. Even though adult time membership fees are no different from other famous porn sites, you can enjoy videos from multiple famous porn sites at the same time.

About the content of ADULT TIME “Detailed explanation of video and image quality”

Regarding video quality, as described above, you can see how good it is because 4K video is included in the download option. That said, there are many people who care about video capacity, so here I will explain other video download options.
First of all, in addition to 4K video files, there are seven video download options for adult time download options. So there are a total of 8 video download options.
It is finely divided into “Low, Small, Medium, High, Web HD, HD, Full HD, 4K”, and the file format is “MP4 file”. It goes without saying that 4K video has high image quality, but it is at a level where you can fully enjoy HD or full HD.

About the quality of the video.

Let’s see how detailed and beautiful the 4K video is.
Please check the image because it is not possible to show the video to the rock. (Click on the image for a larger view)

This is a “Full HD” image capture of the exact same scene. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

However, these two are only displayed in full screen on our personal computer display “27 inch size”. So, I don’t think there is a big difference when I compare like this. Even if you actually see the video, it doesn’t change that much.However, when displayed on a larger screen such as a TV monitor, a difference should appear.

Of course, adult time has a “streaming playback function”.

Streaming playback is not a function to download a whole video file and then play it on your own video player, but it is a function to play it on the website and enjoy it. In other words, there is no need to download video files.
One problem we are concerned about is the phenomenon of buffering.
Buffering is a phenomenon in which the video download process from the server cannot catch up and the video is interrupted during streaming playback of the video. This will add stress and make you no longer enjoy video. But don’t worry about this. It is also a point that depends on the personal PC environment of each individual, so it is not possible to say in general. Therefore, it seems that there is no worry unless it is a very bad environment.

Average length of video (playback time)

In this regard, it is difficult to obtain an average value for the reason that the number of videos is so large and that the video titles vary considerably. About 10 minutes for short videos and over 1 hour for long videos. If the video has a strong story, the recording time tends to be longer.

Adult time interface

Next, I would like to explain the adult time member area.
First is the top page. At the top, the title of the current featured work is posted along with an image slider, and just below that is a list of videos of “Latest Videos”. In other words, it is an updated and newly added video work.

Below that is the “Recommended Scenes for You”, which automatically places a list of highly relevant video works from the recently played video works. It is a video work that is automatically recognized and extracted by an adult time computer program.

Below that is “Recently Watched Videos”, which automatically lists the videos you have recently played.

Below that, there is a list of recommended popular pornstars under the title of recommended porn stars. Rather than looking for a video by looking at the video title, you can try searching for a video from the list of actresses.

A list of popular movies of blowjob videos and popular movies of anal fuck videos is arranged, and a list of popular porn actresses is arranged at the bottom.

Download options

Click the “Download” button. The video file list will be displayed as shown below. Select the video file you like and start downloading.

You might also be concerned about download speed.
Here is an example for my environment.
The highest quality 4K video file: 6.72GB (Gigabyte) download time was about 11 minutes. You may not know if this is fast or slow, but it is never slow. It is rather fast. If you can download such a large video file in just 11 minutes, there is no problem. In other words, adult time can be guessed that the backbone is using a very powerful server.

About pornographic actresses appearing in adult time videos.

If adult time is a super mega site and the number of videos is huge, it will be an overwhelming number of pornographic actresses. That number is 11,144. It is impossible. Of course, popular porn actresses who are very active in the overseas porn industry are also included. In that case, it would be arbitrary and prejudiced, but I picked up some pornographic actresses on my behalf. I think you probably hate blonde hair porn actress ー, or rather, I have decided so (laughs), so please be forewarned.

Miss Remy Lacroix
Needless to say, she is an American super popular porn actress. Although it is an American woman, she is a minimum-scale porn actress with a height of 157 cm and a weight of 48 kg. A typical Lori actress. I like her. If she is such a girlfriend, I hate eating foreigners and I hate foreigner pornstars.

Miss Marica Hase
Marika Hase came out. You may not need explanation anymore. This is a porn actress who has been introduced to this website Deep Sea SM. In March 2012, six years have passed since I announced that I would leave Japan and do pornographic actress activities overseas (USA). She decided to expand overseas and escaped from Los Angeles after escaping from Japan, but after that she realized her ambitions, or her dream, and became a monthly magazine for famous men in England, “Penthouse”. “The first center field (spreading page) for Japan” was accomplished. In other words, even if you’re annoyed Marika Hase, you’ll be honored and fame by spreading your own disgusting body and a nasty and devilish mysterious ambition around you. It is now possible to take a bath. After that, Marika Hase did not stop the momentum, and she appeared in videos on all popular porn sites. That ’s why I can see 28 titles of her videos at “Adult Time” (as of July 2019), and I think it will continue to increase.

Miss Lexi Bell
It is no longer the highest level of cuteness. Explanation is unnecessary. The impression like a cyborg that is common in blonde porn actresses doesn’t feel fine. The pussy is also beautiful and it is shaved. Although she is like this, she is also challenging the extreme SM play such as bondage and restraint. Born in Louisiana, USA.

Miss Riley Reid
She has a celebrity-like high atmosphere. She is also an American porn actress, and she is 28 years old (as of July 2019). She has a pretty slender position and “milk is not a fake, it’s a natural thing”. Instead, it is unexpectedly small milk, but it looks pretty. If you compare it to Japanese people, it might be a beautiful office lady working in the office district of Ginza or Otemachi.

Miss Alina Lee
She was born in Shanghai, China but becomes an Asian American. It is not a woman who gives an adult impression with small eyes, nose and mouth parts. If you make a blushing makeup, it will make you feel like an adult, but the makeup face is quite a baby face. That is a baby face. There are no ridiculous work on the chest, such as breast augmentation, and it remains natural. The style is quite good, and masturbating while watching her SEX scene is no longer a routine.

About ADULT TIME pricing.

By the way, I’d like to explain about adult time charges.
Adult time has changed prices since opening in the first half of 2018. As of July 2019, it seems that information about adult time is being transmitted around the world, including Japanese bloggers, but this fee structure is quite different, somewhat which is true It seems to be in a state that I do not know what it is.
But please rest assured. The information on this website has been confirmed by facts accurately and accurately and accurately. Do not rely on information from other bloggers. There can be no Japanese adult user who knows more about porn sites overseas than me. I can say so.
The “adult time” fee structure is then.

As of July 2019, adult time membership fees are unified as follows.

Looking at this amount, you may not be able to determine whether it is expensive or cheap.
This amount is not high no matter where you think. Membership fee of “30 days: $ 29.95” is common as a price setting often seen on paid porn sites overseas. Similarly, the 30-day membership fee for adult time is the same as $ 29.95 for 30 days for streaming + download. So, if the fee is normal, it is different. I’m sure you understand. Given the huge amount of content and the level of content, it can be stated that it is quite cheap. Far from cost performance, there is no doubt that this side, which joins, has gained considerable benefits.
Moreover, if you follow the link from this website Deep Sea SM, you will be able to join at “$ 23.95 cheaper $ 6”. It’s only $ 6, but it should be cheap. Please consider it.


What is your companion when you watch adult videos? Is it black coffee or bourbon whiskey? If you want to enjoy erotic erotic movies on this paid porn site “Adult Time”, it may be good to watch it gently with a little tipsy.